Now that the month of January is behind us, it is time to get out and let your kids discover what London has to offer in terms of activities, interesting art exhibitions or great theatrical shows.

In this article, I will cover 10 great things to do in London with your children in February. There is a bit of everything for everyone. So just pick and choose what you feel like doing when you have some spare time over the weekend or during February half term holiday.

1. Light Festival at Battersea Power Station

Location: Battersea Power Station

Date: 25th January until 25th February 2024

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As you might now, Battersea Power Station has been totally revamped and now it the place to be on the weekend.

After a successful Christmas season, the Battersea Power Station resumes its annual Light Festival for nearly the whole month of February.

There are quite a lot of activities for families at the festival especially during half term holiday.

For instance, your kids can participate in various workshops to create their own dragon puppet or have their face painted with multiple neon colours.

I also love the fact there are so many restaurants available on site depending of which cuisine you would like to try on the day.

things to do in February with kids in London
Source: Battersea Power Station

2. Frozen the Musical

Location: Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Date: shows until 8 Setpember 2024

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The Disney animated film needs no introduction and you’ve probably heard the songs a million times. So it was obvious that one day the movie will turn into a successful musical just like Lion King.

Frozen the Musical is played at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane not too far from Covent Garden. It has already won 7 Whatsonstage Awards including best direction and best costume design.

Don’t wait until the Winter is over to appreciate a truly magical family show.

3. Alegría by Cirque du Soleil

Location: Royal Albert Hall

Date: until 3rd March 2024

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As every year, the Royal Albert Hall hosts Cirque du Soleil for nearly a month. This year, you will be entertained by the 30th anniversary show called Alegría.

The show is known for its vibrant and mystical atmosphere, combining traditional circus acts with avant-garde performances, stunning visuals, and a captivating storyline.

The title “Alegría” is a Spanish word that translates to “joy” or “jubilation,” and the theme of the show revolves around the contrast between old and new, the struggle for power, and the eternal quest for joy and happiness.

The production features a diverse cast of acrobats, clowns, musicians, and dancers who showcase their incredible skills and talents throughout the performance.

The acts include high-flying trapeze artists, contortionists, jugglers, and other awe-inspiring performances that defy the boundaries of traditional circus arts.

Overall, Alegría is probably the hottest show in London for February suitable for families.

4. Tidy play at Polka Theatre

Location: Polka Theatre

Dates: from 10 February until 24 March 2024

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Polka Theatre in West London is featuring an exciting kids friendly play based on the book Tidy. 

Tidy is about Pete the badger who likes everything to be neat and tidy: the flowers, leaves, even other animals.

But when autumn comes, he gets slightly carried away with cleaning up the forest and accidentally destroys his own home!  

A gentle but cautionary tale on the value of the world around us and what happens if we don’t look after it.

Tidy is a perfect play to attend for children aged 3 to 7 years old and  features beautiful puppets, original music and a touch of silliness.

Source: Polka Theatre

5. Adventure Babies at National History Museum

Location: Natural History Museum

Date: 6, 20, 27 February 2024

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Designed for babies and toddlers, the National History Museum in South Kensington has organised workshops called Adventure Babies.

Two different sets are available to book: one for babies until 1 year old and another one for children aged between 1 and 4 years.

Each session lasts around 45 minutes and is an opportunity for your little one(s) to explore their senses whether it is listening for a story or play on the floor with their peers.

Activities can be pre-booked on the NHM website and are available all year long. Just pick a date and mark it down on your diary!

things to do in February with kids in London
Source: National History Museum

6. BBC Earth Experience

Location: The Daikin Centre

Date: every day

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Located in West London close by West Brompton and Earls’ Court, the BBC Earth Experience is one of the new popular London attractions that gathered many families in the recent months.

The immersive experience is basically a 70 minutes documentary narrated by David Attenborough around nature and the 7 continents projected on multiple gigantic screens.

The site is like a hangar where you are invited to seat or find a beanbag so you can fully enjoy the cinematic experience all around you. Some people decide to stand up and walk around the room as well.

While the cost of the exhibition is fairly expensive, families have praised the quality of the film and how the auditorium is big enough for everyone to enjoy.

Source: BBC Earth Experience

7. Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

Location: Commercial 106

Date: until 17 March 2024


I know that bringing children to an art gallery is not necessarily the most exciting thing to do for everyone. However, there is a good chance that this special exhibition might interest even the most difficult child on Earth.

Van Gogh The Immersive Experience is an incredible attraction in London where you will be surrounded by the colourful paintings from the famous Dutch painter. I bet your child will know about Van Gogh and its missing ear.

This 360° exhibition has been celebrated all around the world since 2017 and brought more than 5 million visitors. So now it is the turn of London to welcome this immersive 90 minutes activity that is suitable for every family.

8. Japanese Story Scroll at Young V&A

For Children 8+

Location: Young V&A

Date: 14, 15 and 16 February 2024

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Young V&A is the sister museum of V&A in  South Kensington. Located in East London in Bethnal Green, Young V&A is a must see indoor museum for families with young children. 

The museum also organises family friendly workshops all year round and February sees an interesting one around traditional visual Japanese storytelling called emakimono.

Your children will learn how to make their own story by using different techniques like collage, painting and more.

This 2 hours workshop needs to be booked in advance.

Source: Young V&A

9. Imagine Children’s Festival

Location: Southbank Centre

Date: between 7 and 17 February 2024

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If you have been a Londoner with children for a while, you might already know about Imagine Children’s Festival.

Every year in February, Southbank Centre is putting the focus on children and has over 100 events happening during 10 days.

2024 is the 22nd edition and has a lot of exciting things to see around music, theatre, art, poetry and so much more across all Southbank Centre venues like Royal Festival Hall or Queen Elizabeth Hall.

This year, the festival opens up on 7 February and closes on the 17 with lots of activities and shows that are totally free.

For instance you can bring your children to Royal Festival Hall and enjoy Wonder Gig with the best pop songs rendered in acoustic versions.

Source: South Bank Centre

10. Pick and choose a tea time with your children

Why not spoil yourself with the kids for a relaxed afternoon tea at one of London top hotels and take the best photos of your little ones tasting all different cakes and savouries.

Try to book a place close by an activity you would like to do with your children on the day. That way, it is a good compromise to mix culture and food for day out with your children.

Source: Pixabay



There you have it. I hope you have found enough things to do in London in February with the kids. There are of course a lot of more events happening in London next month. Just make sure to share with your children what’s going on during half term and plan ahead shows and activities they want to avoid being glued to the TV screen at home. And if you are looking for more activities, have a look at our selection of the best things to do in London with kids all year around.


things to do in London with kids in February

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