10 Things to Do in Fuerteventura with Kids in 2024

Fuerteventura is a popular destination for families and for good reason. It has some of the biggest and best beaches in the Canaries and the weather is reliably dry and warm all year round.

The picturesque landscape is breathtaking in many areas which makes it the ideal location for relaxing and unwinding.

The locals are all very welcoming and you’ll easily find a range of different cuisines, perfect for young picky eaters. There are tons of activities that can be enjoyed by both young and old when you visit Fuerteventura.

Let’s take a look at some of the best things to do in Fuerteventura with kids. Vamos!

1. Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura

If you have any animal lovers in your party, this is an excellent opportunity to have a family day out.

Some of the wildlife here includes camels, sea lions, giraffes, elephants, and many more. In addition to wildlife, you’ll also get to see an array of plants from all around the world. It’s botanicals at its very best.

Oasis Wildlife offers education as well as fun so you can be sure your children will take home vital knowledge.

There are three restaurants on site if you want to stop for a bite to eat on your visit and there are many coach trips that run so don’t have to worry about transport.

Address: Museo del Campo Majorero, Carr. Gral. Jandía, s/n, 35627 La Lajita, Las Palmas, Spain


Oasis Wildlife - Things to do in Fuerteventura with kids
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2. Acua Water Park

The water park is currently closed and will reopen on April 1st 2023

The Aqua Water Park is the only water park in Fuerteventura. The park boasts 14 major attractions that are suitable for a range of ages. This is a must visit attraction for any families visiting Fuerteventura. 

The aqua park includes several eateries and a children’s club for any children who like to make the most of the action.

It can take a full day to get around the park and spend time on each attraction so be sure to plan in advance.

The park is full of entertainment so it’s sure to be a day full of making memories.

Address: Av. Ntra. Sra. del Carmen, 41, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain

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a great water park to visit with kids in Fuerteventura
Source: Acua Water Park

3. Salk Museum Salinas del Carmen

The salt museum is a popular attraction in Fuerteventura. The saltworks has 10 intake ponds and almost one thousand condensation ponds.

As part of your visit, you can be a saltworker for the day and learn all about the process of making salt at this exciting attraction.

These saltworks are responsible for creating some of the best quality salt in the area because of the cleanliness of the water.

It’s worth asking your holiday provider for details on booking a trip.

Address: Barrio las Salinas, 2, 35610 Antigua, Las Palmas, Spain

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a great cultural thing to do in Fuerteventura with children
Source: Museo de las Salinas del Carmen

4. Jardin Botanic

Fuerteventura offers some unique opportunities to visit botanical gardens. Jardin Botanico is one of those gardens. With a huge selection of plants, it’s not just something that will impress any plant lover.

Walking through the garden will take your breath away and there’s lots to learn about each species. 

Address: 35627 La Lajita, Las Palmas, Spain

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Oasis Botanic is a very nice place to visit with children in Fuerteventura
Source: Jardín Botánico

5. Spend a day at the beach

No family holiday would be complete without a day at the beach. It’s great for quality family time, whether you’re taking a dip in the sea or sunbathing on the sand.

There are many beautiful beaches to choose from in Fuerteventura.

Some of them include Grandes Playas in Corralejo, Esmeralda Beach in Costa Calma, and La Concha in El Cotillo.

All of these beaches have been voted in the top ten beaches in Fuerteventura.

Source: Pixabay

6. Museo del Queso Majorero

This attraction is a cheese museum. Who doesn’t love cheese?

You can visit the museum and find out how the cheese is made and the effect the cheese has had on the pace of life on the island.

One of the ways the cheese possesses the quality it does is because of the milk used from the goats on the island.

What they produce is second to none and you’ll be able to see the goats on your visit.

Don’t forget to taste the cheese!

Address: Calle Virgen de Antigua, km 20, 35630 Antigua, Las Palmas, Spain

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7. Head to El Tostón Castle

Did you know that El Tostón Castle was built to defend the land against pirates? It’s a marvel to see in front of your eyes. The historical value alone is worth visiting for but the castle offers so much more.

From the top of the castle you can get a 360 degree view of the surroundings which is ideal for photo opportunities.

You can also purchase artwork on site that you can take home with you.

Address: Torre del Tostón, 35650 La Oliva, Las Palmas, Spain

8. Lobos Island

Lobos island is a picturesque paradise that everyone needs to see when visiting Fuerteventura. It’s the perfect opportunity for a family bike ride while sightseeing.

You can hire bikes when you arrive and even ride your bikes onto the ferry.

Some of the sights include the local lighthouse, volcano, and nearby beach.

Riding will ensure you get to your destinations much quicker than you would walking.

There is a nearby restaurant but you may want to book in advance to ensure you get a table.


Source: Pixabay

9. Corralejo Natural Park and Sand Dunes

Corralejo Natural Park is home to the biggest sand dunes in all of the Canary Islands. White sands meet a turquoise ocean for as far as you can see.

On the south of the park sits a volcanic landscape that is far more dramatic to look at.

If you’re exploring the park on foot, be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen with you for the sand dunes but you may also need walking boots for the volcanic sites.

Source: Pixabay

10. Visit the fishing Ajuy village

Ajuy Village is a treasure that’s definitely worth visiting while you’re in Fuerteventura. The small village is a fisherman’s village and it’s full of local culture.

While you’re there you’ll get to pick up some local souvenirs and experience more of the beautiful scenes Fuerteventura has to offer.

Within the village is a fisherman’s monument that honours the fisherman’s trade and the dangers that can come with it.

You’ll also get to witness the crashing waves against the rocks and look at the hidden caves surrounding the black sand beach.


That’s a wrap. I hope you have found this article useful during your trip to Fuerteventura. 

A holiday in Fuerteventura with your kids is a golden ticket to relaxation and a good dose of sunshine all year round. 

Families are coming back to this Canary island because of its long white sandy beaches and the amazing food quality you get. Happy Travels



things to do with kids in fuerteventura

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