As you would probably know, Greece is featured among the favourite countries to holiday in the summer. But more precisely, Rhodes is one of the most popular islands in the country where families love relaxing with its famous beach resorts.

However, the island of Rhodes has some much to offer than sun and beach. So if you are looking for top things to do in Rhodes with the kids, you have reached the right place.

Rhodes is part of the Dodecanese islands and is located closer to Turkey than Greece. Its capital is also called Rhodes located at the North of the island where you can explore the famous medieval Old Town.

Expect the island to be very hot in the summer where temperature has reached up to 41°C in August. So make sure you come equipped with sun hat, appropriate bathing suits and plenty of protection sun creams for you and your kids.

If hot weather scares you, try to plan a holiday in May or September where the island will feel less crowded and with a milder sun.

So without further do, let’s explore all the great things you could do in Rhodes with the kids. Let’s go!

1. Visit the old Town of Rhodes

Let’s start with the most visited city on the island, the Medieval Old Town of Rhodes. This UNESCO Heritage site is a fortified city that you can explore by foot on cobbled streets. Yes the place is very touristy with lots of souvenir shops but equally you cannot miss this part of Rhodes.

With incredible architecture and buildings, you feel like going back in time when visiting the Old Town. There are also restaurants and ice cream parlours if you need to take a break from the day out with the kids in Rhodes town. Make sure you check prices on the menu before committing to get inside the restaurant.

Exploring the medieval town of Rhodes with kids
Source: Unsplash

2. Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights

Located inside the Old Town of Rhodes, you can find the majestic Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights. Ticket entries will give you access to different rooms within the palace plus amazing views over the sea and Rhodes when you walk to fortified walls.

A lot of mosaics and artworks can be seen within the premises of the palace with also an opportunity to explore the gardens outside. You can easily visit this attraction within 1 hour so perfect for families who don’t want to hang around too much in a touristy site.

Also I have read there aren’t many explanations or interactive devices to make the visit fun for children. You just need a good old travel guide to take you through the history of the palace!

📍Ippoton, Rodos 851 00, Greece


A beautiful castle to visit in Rhodes with kids
Source: Pixabay

3. Rhodes Toy Museum Greece

Located not too far from Valley of the Butterflies, Rhodes Toy Museum is a little venue that you can visit in less than 1 hour. The place is dedicated to old vintage toys that parents and grand parents will remember from their childhood.

Inside the museum, you will be surprised by an amazing collection of Playmobil still in their original boxes. There is also a decent collection of car toys and plenty of dolls from all ages.

Finally, you and your children will be able to play classic video games from the eighties and also compete to each other in different pinball machines. For a little contribution of 3€ per person, this museum is a fun thing to do in Rhodes to remember these old school toys memories.

📍Archipoli, Rhodes 851 06, Greece

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a nice little museum dedicated to old toys and dolls in Rhodes
Source: Rhodes Toy Museum

4. Farma of Rhodes Petting Zoo

If your family is keen to get close to animals in Rhodes, you have to pay a visit to Farma of Rhodes Petting Zoo. This outdoor attraction in Rhodes is perfect for children to b introduced to different animals such as lemurs, ostriches or ponies.

You can easily spend up to 2 hours at Farma of Rhodes and explore this natural wonder with different animal species coming at you. Recent visitors have praised the quality of the venue and how animals are well cared for. Don’t forget to buy food at the shop so you can feed different animals with your kids during your visit.

📍Επάνω Καλαμωνας 851 06, Greece

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Farma of Rhodes is a great place to spot lemurs and plenty of animals in Rhodes
Source: Pixabay

5. Water Park Rhodes

It goes without saying that Rhodes Water Park is a popular thing to do in Rhodes with kids in the summer. Usually open in early May, Rhodes Water Park offers different rides suitable for children and teenagers.

Young children will particularly enjoy the splash water pool with a massive pirate ship in the middle. Lots of sun loungers and parasols are available on site to make sure you are not constantly in the sun.

The most popular rides are of course high trill slides such as Twister slide or Kamizase slides. However, these extreme rides are for children aged 12+. So make sure to look at the age restriction for each attraction. And if you need a moment of calm and serenity, why not taking the family on the lazy river!

📍Athanaton, Rodos 851 05, Greece

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a top water activity to do in Rhodes with kids
Source: Water Park Rhodes

6. Rhodes Aquarium

Situated at the top end of Rhodes city, the Aquarium of Rhodes is great building hosting a whole range of local fishes and marine life. Yes the venue might not be the most contemporary aquarium on Earth but it is definitely worth visiting.

If you are a family of 4, you will only have to spend 16€ to get access to the Aquarium of Rhodes and explore this attraction at your own pace. Kids love the touch and feel aquarium where they interact with sea stars and different shells.

So if you are visiting the city of Rhodes and need a quick attraction to keep the kids busy, don’t hesitate to visit this aquarium before dinnertime.

📍Enydreiou Sq, Rodos 851 31, Greece

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Source: Rhodes Aquarium

7. Incredible View from Tsambika Monastery

If you have brave children who can walk uphill in the heat (pending their have suncream and a hat), you should plan ahead a visit to Tsambika Monastery. Built on the top the Tsambika mountain, this monastery offers an incredible view over the sea and Tsambika beach.

You can reach the place by car and then you would need to climb up to 300 stairs to arrive at this ancient spiritual edifice. I can’t even imagine the beautiful panorama view if you decide to visit just before sunset. A magical spot that you will never forget for sure.

📍Archangelos 851 02, Greece

Source: Unsplash

8. Visit Symi Island

Without a doubt, a trip to Symi Island must be on your wishlist during your holiday in Rhodes with the kids. You can easily take a ferry trip from Rhodes city, which takes around 90 minutes. Otherwise, you can opt in for a quicker option by taking a private speedboat.

Once you arrive on Symi Island, you know that you are in a special and unique place. You will love different small beaches and little villages nestled on the hills. We’ve heard that you can eat very well on the island, so make sure to choose your restaurant wisely for a well-deserved lunch with the kids. Otherwise, maybe plan to stay on the island for a few days and adopt the slow travel option!


Source: Pixabay

9. Bee Museum

You’ve guessed it, this place is all about these fantastic creatures: bees. We tend to take for granted how lucky we are to eat honey but we never really understand how it is really made. This educational museum will teach your kids everything they want to know about this sweet delicacy.

You will learn the history of harvesting honey in ancient times and also modern ways to preserve beehives and collect honey in due time. Don’t forget to pass by the shop with lots of different honey jars to buy and souvenirs.

📍Επαρ.Οδ. Καλυθιές-Παστίδας, Ρόδος 851 06, Ρόδος 851 06, Rodos 851 06, Greece

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Source: Bee Museum

10. Visit Ancient Kamiros Ruins

Afterwards, head to Kamiros and go back in time to discover one of the oldest cities in Ancient Greek times. The archaeological site is probably the most interesting site to explore in the morning to avoid the scorching sun.

Kamiros ruins are a perfect way to illustrate what the kids have learnt in school regarding Ancient Greece. For instance, you can walk in different areas of the old town and with a bit of imagination recreate how visually this place looks like 400 years BC. If you are crying for a cold drink, there is a café on site to buy your favourite drink and snacks.

Source: Pixabay

11. Agathi Beach

As you would expect, Rhodes has lots of beaches to visit during your family holiday. But there is one that tops it all perfect for families: Agathi Beach.

Located on the East side of the island near Lindos, Agathi is a golden sandy beach where children can swim with shallow water so perfect for little swimmers. Once you arrive on site, you can hire sun beds and parasol for the day so you can relax whilst you kids have fun nearby.

Last but not least, there is a little cave nearby which is a short walk from the beach where you can spot a little church built inside the rock. Make sure to dress properly though if you want to enter the premises.

📍Archangelos 851 02, Greece

Source: Pixabay

12. Valley of the Butterflies

Warning! This place is magical and will probably be one of the highlights of your holiday in Rhodes with the family. The Valley of the Butterflies is arguably the most popular activity to do in Rhodes. Nestled in a 600 acres natural reserve, this place is home to lots of butterfly species that you can see in the summer.

Your family will wander around little paths and see different little waterfalls and luxurious green vegetation all around. Of course, you will be surrounded by butterflies and be impressed by thousands stuck on trees resting on hot days.

During the peak season, it is recommended to book in advance our ticket entry and also head out early in the morning to avoid the crowd.

Beware that this attraction is not suitable for prams and wheelchairs. So better to take your baby carrier with you on that day.

📍Rhodes 851 06, Greece


Source: GetYourGuide

13. Helios Throne 9D Cinema

Helios Throne 9D Experience is a fun cinematic attraction where your family will ride on this virtual roller coaster surrounded by Ancient Rhodes. There are some introduction about the history of Rhodes and top facts about the island.

Why it is called 9D is because lots of senses will be activated during this ride including water spray, bubbles, wind and so much more. This activity takes around 30 minutes and should be on your things to do in Rhodes with kids for sure.

📍Εθνάρχου Μακαρίου 4, 25is Martiou 2, Rodos 851 00, Greece


Source: GetYourGuide

14. Pondamos Beach on Chalki Island

If you wish to stay in a quiet sandy beach accessible for families, Pondamos Beach is a hidden gem to be discovered. However there is a catch. It is not located on the island of Rhodes but on the island of Chalki.

The crystal clear water and unspoilt location make the perfect place to relax by the sea. Also shallow waters mean your kids can enjoy swimming near you without too much safety stress.

You have the possibility to hire loungers and umbrella for the day with even a restaurant nearby called Nick’s Taverna where they bring you food right at you. Otherwise, there is nice shady pergola where you have your lunch or early dinner with the family.

Chalki Island can be reached by boat with pick up from your hotel.


Source: Unsplash

15. Explore Lindos Acropolis

I couldn’t conclude our recommended things to do in Rhodes with kids by not mentioning Lindos, a small town located on the East side of the island.

The site is home to the most beautiful citadel with incredible sea views over the Med sea. The ancient ruins are definitely worth to explore with the Temple of Athena Lindia and its majestic columns.

Lindos also has two different family friendly beaches; Lindos Beach and Pallas Beach. Lots of beach equipment can be rent for the day with different restaurants nearby as well. Of course, July and August are very busy months so expect lots of visitors during this time. Also, the view over the citadel is really unique too once you are set on the beach with your favourite drink or holiday book.

📍Acropolis of Lindos, Lindos 851 07, Greece


Source: Pixabay



things to do in Rhodes with kids


You have to admit, this place is a perfect holiday destination for the summer, right? I hope you have found my little guide on the best things to do in Rhodes with kids useful during your break. I am sure there are lots more to discover on the island.

To enjoy your visit in Rhodes, it is widely recommended to hire a car with kids seats of course. This way, you can try different beaches and visit interesting attractions without the worry of finding a taxi to drive you back to your hotel or your holiday flat.

Enjoy your holiday in Rhodes with the family!

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