Planning a family holiday to Sicily?

This beautiful Italian island offers a wealth of history, dramatic scenery, fantastic food and really welcoming, familial culture. Plus, there are plenty of kids friendly hotels in Sicily to accommodate you and your little brood.

But if you’re overwhelmed with choice, BabyBreaks are here to help. We’ve compiled a list of family-friendly accommodation to save you some time.

Sicily is a great destination for families
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What’s the weather like in Sicily?

Sicily is the largest island of Italy and the Mediterranean Sea. It enjoys a dry and sunny weather all summer and could be quite wet and mild in winter. So it goes without saying that the island is very popular with families during school holidays in the summer. But also in spring or autumn particularly in September with families who wish to visit Sicily with a baby or a toddler.

Is Sicily a good place to visit with kids?

Absolutely. The island of Sicily is a great place to visit and explore with children across all ages. Of course, if you have a baby or toddler, we can’t recommend enough to rent or bring your child carrier so you can hike different corner of Sicily without trouble. Also Sicily has different direct access by plane and is usually 2 to 3 hours trip so perfect for families who travel to Sicily with kids.

Which part of Sicily is best for families?

Ideally, you would like to rent a car and see different areas of Sicily such as Cefalu, Taormina, Etna or Palermo. This is why spending 2 weeks in Sicily with your children is probably the best way to enjoy a slow discovery of the island. But if you have a limited time and want to favour a particular spot, why not picking a hotel in Cefalu or Siracusa.

Where I can I take my kids in Sicily?

Pretty much everywhere. Of course, if you wish to explore the centre of the island and discover the beauties of Etna, you have to be prepared to walk for a while. Maybe have a look at a tour guide as well that can take you on the easy paths to climb the Etna.

Is Sicily a good family holiday?

Lots of families has listed Sicily as one of their favourite family holiday due to the authenticity of the islands, its diverse landscapes, beautiful diving spot and of course the amazing hotels you can stay in.

But beware that during school holidays, family rooms can be booked out months in advance. Some families do even return every year at the same hotel during the mid August holiday.

So make sure to plan well in advance your kids friendly holiday in Sicily and also budget accordingly as the destination can be quite pricey due to the limited hotel offering on the island.

So let’s take a look at our selection of family friendly hotels in Sicily and find your perfect stay. Each property has something which makes it perfect for families, be it a fantastic seafront location, a great kids club or the most spacious bedrooms.


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