Now that you are taking some time off with the family in France, you’ve probably thinking what are the best things to do in Bordeaux with the kids. I am with you and I will guide you through the best activities you could do all year round.

First, let’s understand the origins of this beautiful Atlantic coast city in France. Bordeaux is located in the South West of France in the Gironde department. The city is the 5th most populated urban town in France after Paris and Lyon.

Bordeaux is a great city break destination to explore with children
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Of course, you probably know the city name because of its famous wines that are sold all around the world. In fact, the most expensive wines that are sold in auction are usually from Bordeaux.

But Bordeaux is so much more than wine and has been recently one of the most preferred city destinations that families love to discover. Whether you are going for a long weekend or a 2-day stop over before continuing your holiday in Southern France, Bordeaux is simply one of the best kids friendly cities in France.

So without further do, let me help you on finding the best things to do in Bordeaux with kids and plan accordingly depending on the weather forecast and how much time you have in your hands. Allez! C’est parti!

1. Les Bassins de Lumières

I am so happy to see more and more immersive experiences to introduce classic artists to our kids. Les Bassins de Lumières is a great venue that showcases fascinating artworks in big screen projections where you feel you are part of the exhibition.

At the moment, you can enjoy very colourful and sharp exhibitions around the Spanish eccentric artist Dalí and the architect Gaudí who has shaped some many buildings in the city of Barcelona in Spain.

From April 2023, there is also a unique exhibition on the universe called Destination Cosmos, the ultimate challenge Sounds like a perfect activity to do with the kids to illustrate what they have learnt at school!

📍Impasse Brown de Colstoun, 33300 Bordeaux, France


Bassins des Lumieres exhibits immersive experiences around great artists - things to do in Bordeaux with kids
Source: Bassins des Lumières

2. Marché des Capucins

If you decide to stay local and spend a few nights in an Airbnb or a holiday apartment, you would probably prepare some nice dinner at your home away from home in Bordeaux. Enters the Marché des Capucins, a long standing and popular food market Bordeaux.

Located in the Capucins Victoire area of Bordeaux, this grocery market is a perfect opportunity to discover with your kids local produce such as cheese, desserts like Le Canelé and of course fresh fish.

This market has a long history with the Bordeaux inhabitants who has seen its opening as far back as 1749. Since 1999, the market has been rejuvenated with a big roof and its famous central alley where you can quickly glance at the different food stalls before making your purchases.

📍Place des Capucins, 33800 Bordeaux, France

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a great food market to discover with children in Bordeaux
Source: Marche des Capucins

3. Zoo de Bordeaux Pessac

Away from the busy Bordeaux city centre, you can easily spend 2 hours at the Zoo de Bordeaux Pessac located on the West side of the city. This small zoo has a great variety of animals including parrots, jaguars or giraffes.

HOT TIP: To make your visit extra special, you can book a night out at the zoo in one of the 2 lodges that are available right next to the tigers area.

One of the highlights during your visit at Zoo de Bordeaux Pessac would be the feeding time of the parrots. You and your children can give nectar to them with probably lots of opportunities to see parrots on your arms or even on your head if you dare!

In order to access the zoo from Bordeaux, you can take the Bus 23 with a specific bus stop Zoo de Pessac and then you have a small 5 min walk. If you come by car, you can drive there in 20min from Bordeaux city centre. Free parking is available on site.

📍3 Chemin du Transvaal, 33600 Pessac, France

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the zoo Pessac Bordeaux is among the best outdoor things to do in Bordeaux with kids
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4. Muséum Bordeaux

Located on Place Bardineau near the Botanique Garden, the Muséum Bordeaux has been recently renovated and delivers an amazing modern experience around natural history and animals.

Your children will love the whole range of stuffed animals that look so real. The Muséum Bordeaux also added an interactive dimension to the traditional museum. You have multimedia screens, sounds landscapes and lots of objects to touch and feel.

Finally, the venue has its own museum for young children called Le Musée des tout-petits suitable for kids under 6. You’ll find everything you need like baby changing table, toilets and a dedicated space for them to explore.

📍5 Place Bardineau, 33000 Bordeaux, France

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A great museum to discover with kids in Bordeaux
Source: Muséum Bordeaux

5. Jardin Botanique de Bordeaux

Need a place to hide from the scorching sun in the Summer while visiting Bordeaux with the kids? Head a few hours to Jardin Botanique de Bordeaux where you can lots of space to sit down and maybe have an impromptu lunch picnic with the family.

Depending on when you are travelling to Bordeaux, you can discover this garden from different horizons but I would say best to visit in Spring with flowers coming out.

The Aquatic Garden has a great collection of over 65 lotus and waterlilies species. Don’t miss the tropical greenhouses where you can spot different plants like cactus or carnivorous plants.

📍Espace Linné, 33100 Bordeaux, France

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Source: Jardin Botanique de Bordeaux

HOT TIP: If you are visiting Bordeaux with your children for 2 days or more, it might be a good idea to purchase a Bordeaux Metropole City Pass so you can enjoy unlimited public transportation during your holiday (tram, bus, river shuttle included)

6. Hangar Darwin Skatepark

If your boy or girl miss the local skatepark, they will be blown away by the Hangar Darwin Skatepark in Bordeaux. Located not too far from Parc aux Angéliques on the East side of the Garonne river, this skateparks has every feature you would need to excel with your skateboard skills.

With a variety of ramps and different areas suitable for all levels, this place is a perfect opportunity to try this fun sport at your own pace. And why not taking a lesson with an instructor? A private lesson for 1 hour costs 30€ or 15€ in a group. And you don’t need to bring your own skateboard and protection, the venue will let you borrow their equipment too.

📍87 Quai des Queyries, 33100 Bordeaux, France

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Source: Pixabay

7. Cinema Megarama

You might think it is a bit odd to list a cinema on the best things to do in Bordeaux with kids. But what about if rains invites itself on your holiday in Bordeaux?

Cinema Megarama might be a good solution to keep the kids busy indoor by watching the latest release on the big screen. This venue is famous for its IMAX gigantic screen and incredible sound treatment. There are also some movies to watch in 4D with your seat moving, scents and even little water spray during the screening experience.

📍7 Quai des Queyries, 33100 Bordeaux, France

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8. Parc Majolan

Located in the North of Bordeaux City Centre, Parc Majolan is a peculiar park to discover all year round with your kids. The look and feel of this green space is like a deserted jungle with so many beautiful colours and natural landscapes. All made up by humans I am afraid (just to be clear).

Your family will love hiding in the caves where you can take lots of pictures for a nice memories to bring back home. Kids can find a great playground too.

If you need a place to have a hot drink or snacks, you can find a little café inside the park. Lots of space is available to enjoy a picnic on a sunny day.

📍Avenue du Général de Gaulle, 33290 Blanquefort, France

A beautiful park to wander around with family in Bordeaux - things to do in Bordeaux with kids
Source: Ville Blanquefort

9. Animal Park René Canivenc

Here is another great outdoor activity to do with the kids in Bordeaux: the Animal Park René Canivenc is a beautiful place to walk the family. In this area, you will find great playgrounds, a picnic space and over 50 animals species such as peacocks or cows.

There are also lots of little rivers and lakes when you can spot different fishes like carps or sturgeons.

Last but not least, the entrance of the park is free and is usually open until 5, 6 or even 7pm in Spring or Summer days.

📍53 Rue du Moulineau, 33170 Gradignan, France

Source: Pixabay

10. Musée Mer Marine

It goes without saying that Bordeaux couldn’t miss having a museum dedicated to the sealife. Bordeaux used to be one of the busiest commercial ports in Europe, famously known for its docks.

Musée Mer Marine hosts a great collection of marine objects. It is organised in different areas where you can see the history and progress we have made with boats and vessels from ancient times to modern times.

Also, there is a little exhibit on plastic pollution that keeps increasing in our ocean ecosystem. This activity is a good way to teach and incentivise future generations to live more responsibly by reducing plastic consumption in our daily life.

📍89 Rue des Étrangers, 33300 Bordeaux, France

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Source: Musee Mer Marine

11. Youpi Park

If your little ones need a place to let the energy out and play with their peers, you can’t go wrong by picking Youpi Parc in Bordeaux Lac. This soft play area is a great indoor venue with lots of slides, ball pits, trampolines and a café for parents.

Beware that you and your kids need to wear socks to enter the premises of the soft play areas. Expect a lot of kids wandering around on weekends or during French school holidays.

📍36 Avenue du Dr Schinazi, 33300 Bordeaux, France

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Source: Youpi Parc

12. Kidooland

Another indoor play area is Kidooland situated in Bordeaux city centre so perfect if your family stay central during your holiday. Children will find lots of games and slides to keep them happy in this indoor fun centre.

Parents can watch their kids having a blast on the designated sitting area, sip their favourite drink and relax. Do check their website to see what are the coming events during your stay in Bordeaux.

I love the fact that Kidooland is open very late on Friday and Saturday until 1030pm so you can enjoy a family dinner at the restaurant nearby too!

📍280 Boulevard Alfred Daney, 33300 Bordeaux, France

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Source: Kidooland

13. Block’out

I am a big fan of urban climbing walls. Especially when venues allow children to experience this fun activity that requires dexterity, quiet time and concentration. Block’out is an innovative and cool concept with different branches in France.

Block’out Bordeaux is the first dedicated indoor climbing wall in the city with different difficulty levels. I would recommend taking a climbing lesson with your kids if this is your first time.

Finally, there is a great restaurant to try with the family too. What more can you ask for?

📍3 Rue Georges Barres, 33300 Bordeaux, France

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Source: Block’Out Bordeaux

14. Cap Sciences

Cap Sciences is one of the latest museums opened in Bordeaux with a focus on sciences. Located on the Bacalan docks in a big restored hangar, the venue suggests different exhibitions during the year. So it is definitely worth checking it out during your holiday in Bordeaux with your children.

At the moment, Cap Sciences offers an opportunity for families to experience illusions tricks where your brain will be challenged for sure. This temporary exhibition is available until June 2023.

There are also lots of workshops during school holidays and an interactive show/debate that you can book in advance if your family can speak French!

📍Hangar 20, Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux, France

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Source: Cap Sciences

15. Garonne River Cruise

I couldn’t finish this guide on the best things to do in Bordeaux with kids by not mentioning the relaxing cruise activity.

The boat is boarding at Yacht de Bordeaux dock near Le Miroir d’Eau. It will take you on a 90 minutes journey to contemplate the city of Bordeaux from the waterside. You will see the Bordeaux Cathedral and other famous buildings that make the city of Bordeaux so attractive to visitors.

Also, you will be served a glass of wine or soft drink with the famous Canelé cake. A great activity to do in Bordeaux with the family who can’t stand up anymore after exploring every corner of the town!

📍Ponton d’honneur,  Passerelle Gironde Face au, 7 Quai de la Douane, 33000 Bordeaux, France


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Map Things to Do in Bordeaux with Kids




You have reached the end of my guide on the best things to do in Bordeaux with kids. Surely, it has given you some great ideas and fun activities to plan on your family friendly holiday in Bordeaux.

If you think I have missed top attractions not to be missed in Bordeaux, feel free to reach to us. Bon voyage!

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