If you are visiting Seville with your kids and need to know what are the best things do in the Andalusian capital, you’ve come to the right page. 

Seville or Sevilla is a popular tourism destination among the best Spanish city break destinations alongside Madrid and Barcelona. More than 2.5 millions travellers visited the city per year pre pandemic and now is the right time more than ever to explore every corner of Seville. 

Located in the South of Spain, Seville is only 2 hours drive from Gibraltar and has a rich history with the Romans, the Vikings or the Berber Muslim empire. 

Even though the city of Seville is visited all year round, it is best to avoid the summer as it is very dry and can be scorching hot with high temperature reaching above 35°C. Sevilla claims to be the hottest city in Continental Europe and some people even call it ‘the frying pan of Spain’.

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In this guide, I will take you through different sightseeings and major activities to do in Seville with your kids so they don’t get bored on your city break. Some of those things to do in Seville can be pre-booked in advance to avoid disappointment on the day of visiting. 

FUN FACT: Seville is the most popular city in Europe that has been chosen to be featured in operas. For instance, everybody knows the Barber of Seville from the Italian composer Rossini. You will also hear about the Andalusia city in Carmen or The Marriage of Figaro among hundred of other operas. 

So without further do, let’s explore the best things to do in Seville with kids and keep your family entertained and happy. Vamos!

1. Seville Aquarium (Acuario de Sevilla)

Seville Aquarium is a great activity to do in Seville with your children probably in the morning or during lunch time to avoid the crowd. The tour of the aquarium will take around 90 minutes and you will explore about 35 tanks with over 400 marine species such as seahorses, sharks, eels or turtles.

The Sevilla Aquarium is spread over two floors with lots of information available in English if you don’t speak Spanish. If you are a family of 4, make sure to pre-purchase a family package which will save you money. 

Address: Muelle de las Delicias, s/n, 41012 Sevilla, Spain


a great aquarium to visit in Seville with kids
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2. Isla Mágica

If you are looking for a family friendly activity to do in Seville on a sunny day, you can’t go wrong by picking a day out at Isla Mágica which is situated close the historical centre of the city. Your children will love this place with plenty of rides such as roller coasters, a fun pirate boat or electric bumper cars.

Isla Mágica is a great alternative to obvious excursions and sightseeing you can do in Seville, especially if you want to surprise your kids on your holiday in Seville. A great addition to the park is accessing to the water park called Agua Mágica which is open between May and September.

Address: Pabellón de España, s/n, 41092 Sevilla, Spain 


A great theme park to visit in Seville with kids
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3. CaixaForum Sevilla

Located in the Torre Sevilla shopping centre, CaixaForum has interesting exhibitions that would appeal to your family. For instance, you can learn about the rise of video games in our society and why it can be considering as a work of art. Or you can explore why humans are progammed to talk and how languages have evolved over time. 

Make sure to visit the website below to see what exhibitions are on during your holiday. I am sure you will find a theme that you and your children would like to learn. 

Address: C.C. Torre Sevilla, C. López Pintado, 41092 Sevilla, Spain

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A place to see exhibitions in Seville with family
Source: CaixaForum

4. See a Flamenco Show

As you probably know, the flamenco dance is part of the Southern Spain culture not to be confused with Tango which comes from Argentina. The folkloric dance has found its origin in the 18th century and is strongly linked to gitanos of Romani people. So if you want to experience what it is like to dance the flamenco, there is no better way to book this 1 hour show where you will see dancers and musicians performing at the Teatro Pathé. 

Address: Calle Cuna 15, 41004 Sevilla (Teatro Pathé)


A Flamenco show to watch in Seville with kids
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5. Day Cruise on the Guadalquivir River

Weather permitted, why not visiting the city of Seville on a boat and be amazed by all the famous monuments and buildings that make the city so special. The boat will take you on a nice 1-hour journey through the Guadalquivir River where you will see for instance the Torre del Oro or Plaza de Espana and plenty of bridges too!

This activity is best to enjoy at the end of the day so you can relax and sit down with your children or early in the morning to avoid the crowd.

Address: departs close to Torre del Oro


A boat river cruise to experience in Seville with children
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6. Seville Cathedral

One of the most famous monuments to visit in Seville is the Catedral of Sevilla where you can appreciate incredible views over the city if you are brave enough to climb up over 30 floors or so. Expect this activity to be busy all year round but don’t be put off as it is worth every waiting line in the world. Just prepare your kids in advance and enjoy the views once you are there. Maybe bribe your children with an ice cream if behave during this tour!

If you wish to skip the line to enter the cathedral or go up La Giralda Tower, don’t forget to pre-book your tickets below

Address: Avenida de la Constitución, s/n, 41004 Sevilla, Spain


Catedral of Sevilla is one of the most famous things to do in Sevilla
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7. Parque de María Luisa

If you need to take your kids for a nice walk and gets those little legs moving in a beautiful park, I highly suggest to take some time exploring the Parque de María which is located close to Plaza de España. Don’t expect to see any playgrounds here but more historical statues, fountains and even a water lilly pond.

If the weather is nice, you can even have a lunch break with some famous Spanish Ham sandwich called bocadillo con jamon and relax on a bench. There are also a lot of birds to watch as well such as swans, ducks or geese.

Address: Paseo de las Delicias, s/n, 41013 Sevilla, Spain

A lovely park to visit with kids in Seville

8. Royal Alcázar of Seville

Here is probably another highlight of your visit in Seville with the family: the Royal Alcázar of Seville is a medieval royal palace that was built for the king Peter of Castile. The site is very big with plenty of things to do once you are inside the premises. So make sure to dedicate enough time to explore inside and outside the Royal Alcazar of Seville.

There are also a lot of gardens to visit so perfect if your children are a bit bored by artefacts and historical objects you can see inside the palace. Again, pre-booking your tickets online is recommended so you can skip the ticketing line queue once you arrive at the Alcázar. Go directly the online ticket line at the Puerta del León. 

Address: Patio de Banderas, s/n, 41004 Sevilla, Spain


Royal Alcazar is a mediaval Islamic palace not to be missed in Seville
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9. Casa de la Memoria Flamenco Show

Not suitable for children under 6 years old

Here is another show that you can book to see and hear some flamenco with musicians and dancers. You will be seated in a small room and feel very close to the stage if you arrive at least 30 minutes before the show to get the best seats downstairs. 

The performance lasts about 1 hour where singers and dancers alternate with hardly any interruptions. You will be blown away by how emotional you can be if you are into this music and the dance that comes with it. And maybe your kids will try to repeat the dance steps afterwards!

Address: Calle Cuna, 6, 41004 Sevilla, Spain


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10. Museum of Illusions

Looking to entertain the children and have fun with them in Seville? Look no further by checking out the Museum of Illusions where you will be tricked with different rooms and objects that will trigger some laughter and puzzled faces. If you’ve been to Vienna or Dubai, you might have seen a similar museum since the operator has different franchises around the world. 

So if you are ready to take some funny pictures and be immersed into the world of illusions and tricks, have a go and book this 45 min activity with the family. 

Address: Calle San Eloy, 28, 41001 Sevilla, Spain


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Scroll down…we have 5 more things to do with kids in Seville

11. Plaza de España

If you don’t have time to visit Parque de María Luisa, you can’t miss a short visit to Plaza de España which is so representative of the Andalusian capital. The landmark was built in early 20th century for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. You might recognise Plaza de España as it was used as a film set for famous movies such as Lawrence of Arabia or the Star Wars Attack of the Clones where you see the planet Naboo. There will be plenty of photos opportunities to take with your kids!

Address: Avenida Isabel la Católica, 41004 Sevilla, Spain

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12. Setas de Sevilla (Metropol Parasol)

Sevilla is not all about historical monuments and churches, Setas de Sevilla (Mushrooms of Seville) is a very cool modern building that was built in 2011 and made of wood (believe it or not). Just like Marmite, you love it or hate it! The best time to visit this stunning architecture is in the evening at sunset where you will see a short light show.

You can also walk on the rooftop and take amazing pictures of Seville at night for a small fee per person and enrich your Instagram feed.

Address: Plaza de la Encarnación, s/n, 41003 Sevilla, Spain

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13. La Reserva del Castillo de las Guardas

Located in the North of Seville, La Reserva del Castillo de las Guardas is a great place to visit with kids on a sunny day if you want to get out of the crowdy city centre of Sevilla. The venue is not really a zoo but much more a safari park where they keep different animals such as giraffes, rhinos or monkeys. 

To experience fully this excursion, you would need to rent a car so you can do the safari tour and be close and personal with animals. You can even feed the giraffes with carrots. Otherwise, you can still take a little train that takes you on a tour of the zoo.

Address: Aldea Fuente Pinar Bajo 1, 15, 41898 El Castillo de las Guardas, Sevilla, Spain

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14. Science Museum (Casa de la Ciencia)

If your children are into science and animals, you should definitely visit the Science museum. You will learn about the Spanish exploration times and also the different planets. The venue organises temporary exhibitions too on different topics such as Egypt. This small museum has a very little entry fee and is a great thing to do with children on a rainy day. 

In addition, the museum has a little planetarium that your littles one will enjoy for sure.

Address: Avenida de María Luisa, s/n, 41013 Sevilla, Spain

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Source: Turismo de la Provincia

15. Mercado de Triana

You can’t visit a Spanish city like Sevilla without entering a food market that is so popular with locals. Mercado de Triana is one of those markets where you can sit down and have a coffee and eat some local pastries. If you stay in an apartment during you holiday in Sevilla with kids, maybe it is time to buy some local food to bring back for a nice evening dinner. 

Expect to be amazed by the variety of fruits and vegetables, fish, meats, cheeses with lots of colourful pictures to take. Mercado de Triana is not well known by tourists, so you can easily have a lunch over there at one of the cafes and cervecerías where you can eat Spanish tapas. 

Address: Calle San Jorge, 6, 41010 Sevilla, Spain

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Source: Mercado de Triana Sevilla


So you have come to the end of my little guide on the different sightseeings and things to do in Seville with your kids. I hope you have found enough ideas to make your holiday in Sevilla a perfect family break. If you hear more child friendly not to be missed in Seville, make sure to reach out to us! Happy travels and enjoy your holiday in Seville. 


Things to do in Seville with kids


15 TOP Things to Do in Seville with Kids

  • Sevilla Aquarium
  • Isla Mágica
  • Caixa Forum
  • See a flamenco show
  • Day Cruise on the Guadalquivir River
  • Catedral de Sevilla
  • Parque de María Luisa
  • Royal Alcázar of Seville
  • Casa de la Memoria Flamenco Show
  • Museum of Illusions
  • Plaza de Espana
  • Setas de Sevilla (Metropol Parasol)
  • La Reserva del Castillo de las Guardas
  • Science Museum
  • Mercado de Triana

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