Home of the world’s best restaurant “Noma”, Copenhagen also offers many child-friendly cafes and restaurants. The markets and typical hot dog stands dotted around the city might be fun to try too.

At BabyBreaks, we have researched the best family restaurants in Copenhagen, so you can plan your mealtimes around the city.

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1. The Laundromat

One of the most family friendly places to eat in Copenhagen, this retro style café has a unique concept. Yes it IS a real laundromat where you can take your laundry if you want to and retreat to the café to eat, read or play some games whilst waiting. But washing is Not a requirement and it is mostly a fun diner where the whole family can enjoy some good food, their brunch is especially good, and the kids can run freely.
There are three branches across the city, two of them are more kid friendly with a dedicated play area (Østerbro and Frederiksberg). You’ll also find free Wi-Fi, books and magazine in all 3 spots.

Address: Gammel Kongevej 96, 1850 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Phone: +45 55 56 55 50

Website: www.thelaundromatcafe.com

2. Torvehallernekbh

If you like grazing and delicious flavours, head to this buzzing food market where you’ll find everything from smoked meat to the traditional Danish smørrebrød, fresh pasta and hand-brewed coffee for the grown-ups.
The kids will love all the different colours and smells and the idea of picking a variety of yummy treats. Tables are dotted around the main markets but there are also small restaurants serving food.

Address: Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone: +45 70 10 60 70

Website: www.torvehallernekbh.dk

3. Pølsevogn

In other words, “Sausage Wagon”! The famous Danish hot dog is a sure winner with most kids.
A cultural institution, you can find stands all over the city selling those delicious sausages wrapped in soft bread and accompanied with scrummy toppings. Although it is street food, the sausages and other ingredients are known to be impeccable. You can even find  organic (Den Økologiske Pølsemand) and gourmet (Pølse Kompagniet) ones.
Go Danish style and stop for one on the go.

Address: Look for the mobile vans across the city

4. Leckerbaer

The cookies and cakes in this cafe look so beautiful the kids won’t know which one to choose. But they don’t only look good, they are mouthwatering tasty.
Leckerbaer bakes daily all its little fresh-from-the-oven masterpieces in its own small pastry kitchen. You can take them to go or enjoy them with a hot drink on the stools by the window or in the cosy room in the back.

Addresses: Ryesgade 118, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone: +45 28 40 48 64

Website: www.leckerbaer.dk/

5. BOB Bistro

BOB stands for Bio Mio Organic Bistro. As implied in the name, it is an all organic restaurant located in the popular Meatpacking District of Copenhagen. Laid back canteen atmosphere with long tables and serving high quality Scandi ingredients.
Note for grown-ups: even their gin is organic!

Address: Halmtorvet 19 – 1700 Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone: +45 33 31 20 00
Website: www.bobbistro.dk

Visit Copenhagen with Kids for a Family City Break. Copenhagen is one of the best kid-friendly cities in Europe, featuring great family-friendly restaurants, exciting outdoor activities, indoor attractions for young children and last but not least a great selection of family-friendly accommodations.

At BabyBreaks, we have kept a limited choice of activities, restaurants and lodgings so that you can plan your trip to Copenhagen without browsing the Internet for endless hours. So if you are looking to be inspired to visit Copenhagen for your next family weekend, just visit our different Copenhagen pages to find what this destination has to offer.

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