Family Friendly Restaurants in Lisbon

With over 4,000 restaurants listed in Lisbon according to TripAdvisor, it’s easy to get lost with some much variety of food in different areas of the city. Finding the right place to eat with children is equally a challenge unless you go for a Pizzeria of a fast food restaurant.

At BabyBreaks, we have researched and found these family-friendly restaurants below so that next time you go in Lisbon, you will already have your list of restaurants instead of going blind whilst wandering in the city. Also take a look at our selection of activities in Lisbon for the perfect stay.


1. Time Out Market Lisboa

Re-opened in 2014 as Time Out Market , this massive new food court is one Lisbon’s biggest fresh food market as well. It maybe busy on weekends but it’s worth to go even with a pram or young kids. The venue host more than 30 restaurants, cafes and kiosks to allow everyone to taste different kinds of food. This is one the most popular attractions in the Portuguese capital and the venue has welcome more than 3,6 millions visitors last year.

Address: Av. 24 de Julho 49, 1200-479 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 395 1274

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2. Chapitô à Mesa

Chapitô à Mesa is a great tapas bar and restaurant where you can sit inside or outside in a large terrace. The restaurant is located at Chapitô,  a performing arts and technics school centre where your kids can admire dancers and acrobats doing their show. Because it is located at the top of a hill in Castelo district, you will enjoy an incredible view of Lisbon and beyond. Definitely worth to book a table for lunch or dinner.

Address: Costa do Castelo 7, 1149-079 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 887 5077

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3. Café do Rio

Café do Rio may not be the right place to taste Lisba local flavors but this is probably the best joint to enjoy a succulent burger. No suprise there when the restaurant called itself Hamburgeria Gournet. The room is large enough to cater big family eating and is a clear favorite among children and babies. Vegans are also welcome!

Address: Rua da Alfândega, 114, Lisbon, Portugal

Phone:+351 218 868 050

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4. Cantinho do Avillez

A trip to Lisbon wouldn’t be complete if you don’t try one of the restaurants of Jose Avillez, the famous Portuguese chef. Cantinho do Avillez is a a good alternative to the Michelin star restaurant Bel Canto as it is informal, relaxed and will please young kids as well. The cuisine, though mostly Portuguese-inspired, is influenced by different cuisines all over the world. You may find on the menu dishes like tagine, tuna tartare, risotto or burger.

Address: R. Duques de Bragança 7, 1200-162 Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 211 992 369

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5. APF (A Partilhar Com a Família)

APF is new child friendly restaurant with a kid camp and babysitter. All families can enjoy a relaxing breakfast or lunch or dinner prepared by the chef Grégory. They even started to organise a weekly Yoga session for kids every Wednesday (check their website for more info).

Address: Rua Das Trinas 67, Lisbon, Portugal 1200-855

Phone: +351 21 194 7477

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APF - Family Restaurants in Lisbon
Source: APF / Facebook

So which of  these family restaurants in Lisbon will you try next time you’re in town?

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