Whether you are on a day trip or have a family holiday, you might be stuck on the best things to do in Southampton. This shouldn’t be an issue as I have researched and highlighted for you the most favourite activities to do with kids in Southampton.

Southampton is located in the South of England in the county of Hampshire. The city is famously known for its port which sees huge cruises departing every year from companies like Carnival, P&O Cruises and even Disney Cruise. But Southampton is much more than a port.

The town still have medieval walls that make it compelling for visitors to see with also an International Boat Show happening every year in September.

Finally, the city was among the final 4 cities in the UK to bid for the UK City of Culture 2025, so another reason why you should plan a holiday in Southampton with the family.

Fun Fact: Southampton was the departing port for the Titanic which left the Hampshire city on April 10, 1912

So without further do, let’s have a look at all the things you can do in Southampton with your children. Let’s go!

1. Ninja Warrior UK Adventure

A hit show on UK television Ninja Warrior is all about testing your ninja skills to the limit. Enjoy an afternoon of running, jumping, climbing, and dodging obstacle on the classic course that has all the design features from television; it’s the perfect way for kids to burn off excess energy.  

Ninja Warrior Uk will suit older children better because the obstacles are a little more advanced than typical soft play, but that makes it perfect for particular age groups, events, and parties. Kids love the challenge of the obstacles and feeling part of an authentic TV show they watch. 

Address: Antelope Park, Bursledon Rd, Thornhill, Southampton SO19 8NE

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An exciting indoor thing to do for families in Southampton
Source: Ninja Warrior UK

2. Monkey Bizness Southampton

Monkey Bizness Southhampton is the perfect place for your little monkeys to let off steam and get in their weekly exercise. This facility is a large warehouse jam-packed with a maze of tunnels, slides, cushions, climbing frames, and more. Take them here, and they want to stay. 

If you need somewhere to take your kids on a rainy weekend or bank holiday, Monkey Bizness is perfect! The facility is dry and self-contained; there is a special area for toddlers and bright, airy cafeteria to enjoy while the little ones play. Monkey Bizness is also very cost-effective.

Address: 234 Empress Rd, Southampton SO14 0JW

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A nice soft play area for children in Southampton
Source: Monkey Bizness

3. Mighty Adventures Southampton

Do you fancy tuning back the hands of time and visiting a prehistoric era? Mighty Adventures is not only an enjoyable day out for all the family, it’s also a learning experience. Tour the park and come face to face with some of the most iconic giant lizards and learn how to say their names. 

Jurassic World might be showing in cinemas, but at Mighty Adventures, you can experience dinosaurs up close without the fear of them breaking loose. These attractions look and move like the real thing, but they’re fully robotic. Spend time at the driving range, the gym, or cafe. 

Address: Hedge End Golf Centre, Upper Northam Rd, Southampton SO30 4BZ

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A family fun activity to do in Southampton
Source: Mighty Adventures Southampton

4. Jumpin’ Jax

Jumpin Jax is a themed venue for birthday parties in Southhampton; if you have a special birthday coming up and you want to celebrate in style, book a birthday celebration at Jumpin’ Jacks. Whether it’s a Marvel theme or a classic fairytale party, you can set it up at Jumpin’ Jax.

Previous visitors to Jumpin’ Jax have praised the themed rooms, the food, and the attention of the staff, who go out of their way to make the event as special as they can for your little ones. Jumpin’ Jax is an excellent way to create a memorable birthday and have fun in the process. 

Address: Ashley Crescent, GT House, Southampton SO19 9NA

An indoor soft play young children in Southampton
Source: Jumpin’ Jax / Facebook

5. Go Ape Southampton

Some little monkeys like to spend their time in soft play climbing through tunnels and swinging on ropes; others like to have their monkey time outside in the trees where it’s more like their natural habitat. If you hadn’t guessed, the little monkeys are your little kids playing at Go Ape. 

Go Ape Southampton is located in a country park and offers an assortment of tree-top challenges and adventures as well as fun activities like axe throwing. If you have a day off and the weather is pretty good, head along to Go Ape for a healthy unforgettable day or fun.

Address: Go Ape Southampton, Itchen Valley Country Park, Allington Ln, Southampton SO30 3HQ

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A zipline adventure to experience in Southampton
Source: Go Ape

6. Play Shack

If it’s a rainy weekend or boring bank holiday, head along to Play Shack in Southampton with the family. Play Shack is a giant warehouse with a soft play assault course that will keep your kids active and entertained all afternoon. Enjoy a coffee and phone time in the cafe while you wait. 

The Play Shack has the main play area where kids can run through the tunnels, go down the slides, and climb the nets until they run out of steam. There is also a safe area for toddlers and babies to have fun too. Or, why not book the place for a special party, and have it to yourself?   

Address: Solent Industrial Estate, 28 Shamblehurst Ln S, Southampton SO30 2FX

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A great soft play activity for toddlers in Southampton
Source: Play Shack

7. Port of Southampton

If you are looking for something fun and realistic to do in the Southampton area, why not head to Southampton Port as visitors? Southampton Port is one of the UK’s busiest deep water ports sending cruise ships and cargo vessels to every corner of the world. It’s also a great day out. 

Take a walk around the historic docks and learn about trade in the area, or visit some of the cruise ships docked for a time or ready to leave. Consider the scale of the cruise ships, some of them as large as three football fields. Couple a trip to the docks with a family lunch in town.   

Address: Southampton SO15 0HT

Source: Pixabay

8. Solent Sky Museum

Children and adults alike marvel at the amazing flying machines of the past and present. If you want to see a Spitfire or a flying boat up close, this is the place to visit in Southampton. There are over twenty aircraft to see from the golden age of aviation, along with some other museums. 

As if Spitfires and flying boats weren’t enough you can spend you can spend some time in the classic fire and police museums learning about the past and how it shaped the present day. Again, the Solent Sky experience is both educational and entertaining, so don’t miss out.   

Address: Albert Rd S, Southampton SO14 3FR

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Source: Solent Sky Museum / Facebook

9. Inflatazone

Inflatazone is the perfect place for kids to have fun and burn their energy in Southampton. The venue features a giant inflatable slide, as well as inflatable pads and soft play blocks. There is plenty here for your kids to unleash their imaginations and have an absolute blast. 

Inflatazone is available for all age groups but contact them to find out about events for younger kids and toddlers. Whatever age, they can play on the bouncy castle, the disco castle, the gladiator dual, sumo wrestling, and much more. This is the perfect solution on a rainy day and is among our favourite things to do in Southampton for kids. 

Address: Testlands Hub, Green Ln, Southampton SO16 9FQ

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Source: Inflatazone / Facebook

10. Children’s Pleasure Park

Please note that this activity in temporarily closed until further notice

Do you want to take your kids to a theme park this weekend but don’t fancy a long car journey and overpriced attractions? There’s good news; a suitable alternative is right on your doorstep in the form of Southampton’s Pleasure park. The Park is an awesome, much cheaper alternative.  

The Pleasure Park features a range of cool attractions such as trampolines for burning off excess energy, an Aqua Blasta that lets the kids take aim at a target and shoot with water, and a helter-skelter, along with many other slides. There are over 20 fun attractions on your doorstep.

Address: The Sports Centre 1 Golf Course Road, Bassett, Southampton SO16 7AY

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A great family day out in Southampton
Source: The Pleasure Park

11. Tenpin Southampton

Nothing beats an afternoon or evening at the ten-pin bowling; not only is it fun and competitive, but it’s also indoors for when the weather is lousy, and Tenpin Southampton has plenty of deals around to keep the costs down. Take your kids to ten-pin bowling for a treat or a special party. 

Ten-pin Southampton might be a ten-pin bowling centre, but that doesn’t mean you are limited for fun. The centre has a diverse array of gaming options, including 36 bowling lanes and cosmic bowling in the dark. At the centre, you can also find some laser tag and escape rooms as well.

Address: Auckland Rd, Southampton SO15 0SD

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Source: Pixabay

12. Tudor House and Garden

If you’re a family that appreciates the history of Southampton, or the history of the country for that matter, don’t miss the chance to visit the Tudor House and garden. This building – or artefact, you might say – is still standing in the area after 800 years, and it has stories to tell. 

Visiting the Tudor House and Garden is an educational experience, a cultural experience, and a day of entertainment for the family. It’s worth planning your visit in advance, so you have plenty of time to view the site and benefit from the workshops and hands-on learning fun available.  

Address: Bugle Street, Southampton SO14 2AD

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Source: Tudor House & Garden

13. Parthian Climbing Southampton

If you haven’t tried climbing before, you are in for a treat. Climbing is an excellent way to increase your strength and fitness levels and have fun at the same time with some healthy competition. If you have tried climbing in the past, get along to Parthian Climbing Southampton for a day out. 

Parthian Climbing Southampton is suitable for all ages and stages. If your kids are young, they can try some starter climbing, and if you want to try the outdoor walls that are high and challenging, the centre has those too. Don’t be stuck for climbing options in Southampton.  

Address: E1 Adanac Park, Adanac Dr, Nursling, Southampton SO16 0BT

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Source: Parthian Climbing Southampton

14. Southampton Common

Are you an outdoorsy, nature family? If so, you will appreciate a trip to Southampton Common if you haven’t been there already. The reason we say that is that Southampton Common is well-known, the written records date back to 1228, but it probably existed long before then. 

Southampton Common contains grasslands, ponds, wetlands, lakes, and parklands; there is plenty of wildlife to see, fresh air to breathe, and nature walks to trek along with the family. Enjoy the outdoors life in a safe and predictable habitat of local birds, insects, flora and fauna.    

Address: The Avenue, Southampton SO15 7NN

Source: Pixabay

15. Jungle Jeans

Children of all ages love Jungle Jeans that’s because there are excellent slides, soft play areas, and jungle gyms to capture their imaginations and keep them occupied for hours while you enjoy a chat and a coffee at the tree top cafe. The cafe lets you look at the Jungle Jeans area.

Jungle Jeans is competitively priced and offers hours of fun for your little monkeys. If you’re looking for a fun, adventurous afternoon with the family, book a slot at Jungle Jeans and relax while your kids burn off their excess steam. Party play and birthday events are also available. 

Address: Unit N,West Quay Industrial Estate,West Quay Road, Southampton

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Source: Jungle Jeans / Facebook



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