What to Do in Milan with the Kids?

So you’ve decided to spend a few days in the Fashion capital of Europe with your family but unsure on the best things to do in Milan with kids. Not to worry, the 2nd largest city in Italy has a lot to offer for families including a children museum and several water parks if you are visiting Lombardy in the summer.

In this guide, I will highlight must do activities and sightseeings in Milan that are suitable for families. And I will show you also less popular attractions but worth to look at when you have children on your holiday break in Milan.

what to do in Milan with children
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Milan is an exciting and vibrant city that offers plenty of activities for children of all ages. From exploring the historical sites to grabbing a delicious bite to eat, there are so many things to do with kids in Milan. Here are 21 ideas on how your family can have fun in this stunning Italian city.

Check out my map at the end of my article where I have listed all the family friendly things to do in Milan

Whether you plan on visiting for a weekend or a weeklong holiday, Milan has something for everyone – young and old! Get ready to explore the wonderful attractions of this beautiful city and create some truly unforgettable memories with your beloved little ones.

So are you ready to explore what you can do in Milan with your children and spend less time shopping at expensive designer stores. I know it is too irresistible but your wallet will thank me later! Andiamo!


1. Museum of Science & Technology Leonardo da Vinci

This museum is perfect for curious minds who want to learn more about science and technology. It has interactive exhibits, hands-on workshops and a planetarium. Kids will be able to explore everything from Leonardo da Vinci’s machines to the physics of light, sound and colour. It also has a special area for playing, where little ones can dress up as astronauts and engineers.

Address: Via San Vittore, 21, 20123 Milano MI, Italy


a great science museum in Milan to do with kids
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2. Milan National History Museum

The Museum of Natural History in Milan is a great spot for families interested in nature. Kids will be able to explore the five different interactive exhibitions including dinosaur skeletons, minerals and fossils. There’s even an outdoor garden with plants from all over the world. The best part? Most exhibits are free of charge!

Address: Corso Venezia, 55, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

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a great natural history museum to do with children in Milan
Source: Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano

3. Leolandia

Leolandia is a family-friendly amusement park located just outside of Milan. Whether your little ones are a fan of roller coasters or they prefer to explore the outdoor play area, there’s something for everyone here. Kids can also enjoy the mini waterpark, petting zoo and carousel. The kids can even meet their favourite characters from popular TV shows and movies!

Address: Via Vittorio Veneto, 52, 24042 Capriate San Gervasio BG, Italy

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a themed park in Milan to do with kids
Source: Leolandia

4. Indro Montanelli Gardens

Indro Montanelli Gardens is a beautiful park located in the heart of Milan. This is a great spot to take the kids and let them explore the many trails, trees and ponds. To be out in nature is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The gardens were designed in the 19th century and have been popular spots for locals since then.

Address: Via Palestro, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

A lovely family friendly park in Milan

5. Teatro alla Scala and Scala Museum

The Scala Museum is another great attraction for families visiting Milan. Kids will love exploring the operas and ballets, marionettes and puppets, and model stage sets and costumes. The creative worksheets available are perfect for young minds as they learn about the influence of music and arts on Italian culture.

Address: Via Filodrammatici, 2, 20121 Milano MI, Italy


an incredible opera theatre in Milan - things to do in Milan with kids
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6. The World of Leonardo Exhibition

This museum is perfect for curious minds who want to learn more about science and technology. It has interactive exhibits, hands-on workshops and a planetarium. Kids will be able to explore everything from Leonardo da Vinci’s machines to the physics of light, sound and colour. This is a great educational spot that is sure to entertain and educate your little ones.

Address: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 11, 20121 Milano MI, Italy


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7. Sempione Park

Sempione Park is a great spot for families with young children. It has playgrounds, bike paths and plenty of open space to enjoy the outdoors. Kids can also explore the aquarium or go ice skating in the winter months. In addition, there are also plenty of cafes and restaurants located nearby. Expect to spend a whole day exploring this vast park!

Address: Piazza Sempione, 20154 Milano MI, Italy

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8. Sforzesco Castle

The Sforzesco Castle is a beautiful mediaeval structure located in the city centre of Milan. Kids can explore the castle’s gardens, courtyards and murals while learning about its history. Perfect for a family outing where you can enjoy the outdoors and get a glimpse into life in Milan centuries ago. The castle was built in 1368 and still stands tall today.

Address: Piazza Castello, 20121 Milano MI, Italy


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9. Acquatica Waterpark

Currently Closed. Will re-open in the Summer 2024

Acquatica is a fun waterpark for kids to enjoy. It features exciting slides and pools, as well as various activities such as beach volleyball and mini golf. For the younger kids, there’s a shallow area with smaller slides and splash pads.

Address: Via Gaetano Airaghi, 61, 20153 Milano MI, Italy

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Source: Acquatica Park

10. Duomo di Milano

A visit to the Duomo di Milano is a must for families visiting Milan. Kids will be in awe of the incredible architecture and can explore its rooftop terraces, towers and crypts. Also, don’t forget to visit the nearby Piazza del Duomo which is a great spot for kids to run around and explore.

Address: Piazza del Duomo, 20122 Milano MI, Italy


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11. Da Vinci’s Last Supper Guided Tour

If your children are open minded about classic art works, you must book a session to view the Da Vinci’s Last Supper. This world famous painting has been scrutinised by art scholars or amateurs for ages because of its enigmatic meaning. In guided tour, you will learn about the history of this masterpiece and maybe learn new things about Da Vinci. Be aware that you will be allowed to view the painting with a 15min session. 


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12. Teatro Romano

The Teatro Romano is one of the oldest Roman amphitheatres in Milan. Kids will be enchanted by its ruins and get a glimpse into Milan’s ancient history. For those interested in theatre, there are also concerts and performances held here.

Address: Via S. Vittore Al Teatro, 14, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

Source: Camera Di Commercio Milano

13. MUBA Children Museum

The MUBA Children Museum is a great spot for kids to explore the world of art. It has interactive exhibits, hands-on workshops and educational activities. Also, parents can rest assured that the museum is safe and secure. Usually, activities and exhibitions areas are suitable for children between 12 months old and 11 years. 

Address: Via Enrico Besana, 12, 20122 Milano MI, Italy

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Source: MUBA

14. Bagni Misteriosi

Swim cap mandatory in the Summer

Bagni Misteriosi is a fun pool in Milan for everyone.  This is a great spot to take the kids and let them cool off in the summer heat. Make sure you bring a swimming cap for everyone in order to enter in the pools. The pools are only open in the Summer. However in the Winter, you can enjoy ice skating in the months of December and early January. 

Address: Via Carlo Botta, 18, 20135 Milano MI, Italy

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Source: Bagni Misteriosi


MUDEC is one of the main museums in Milan and a great spot for kids to explore different cultures from around the world. It has interactive exhibits, hands-on workshops and educational activities. The main attraction here is the interactive archaeology section which enables kids to learn more about ancient civilisations.

Address: Via Tortona, 56, 20144 Milano MI, Italy

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Source: MUDEC

16. San Siro Stadium and Museum Tour

San Siro Stadium, also known as Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, is a historic and iconic sport venue located in West Milan. It is one of the most renowned football stadiums globally and serves as the home ground for both AC Milan and Inter Milan football clubs.

If your family are fans of football especially of AC Milan or Inter Milan, visiting San Siro Stadium can be an exciting and memorable experience. The stadium has hosted numerous historic matches and has a rich legacy in Italian and European football.

San Siro offers guided tours that take visitors through various parts of the stadium, including the locker rooms, players’ tunnel, and the pitch side.

Address: Piazzale Angelo Moratti, 20151 Milano MI, Italy


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17. Branca Tower

One of the main reasons to visit Branca Tower is the panoramic view it offers of Milan. From the top of the tower, visitors can enjoy stunning views of the city skyline, including notable landmarks such as the Duomo di Milano and the Sforza Castle. If you enjoy panoramic views of cities, visiting Branca Tower can be a worthwhile experience.

Branca Tower is located within Sempione Park, one of Milan’s largest green spaces. Families can combine a visit to the tower with a leisurely stroll through the park, making it a pleasant outing for those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Address: Viale Luigi Camoens, 2, 20121 Milano MI, Italy


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18. Parco delle Cave

Here is a wonderful park not to miss in Milan where you can do some many activities with the kids.

Located in the South West of Milan, Parco delle Cave offers a serene green space where you can spot lakes, beautiful trees and animals like ducks, swans or even tortoises.

If you hire a bike, make sure to visit the park with your children and maybe improvise a picnic for lunch or early dinner.

Address: Via Bianca Milesi, 2, 20152 Milano MI, Italy

19. Museum of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions typically offers a range of optical illusions and interactive exhibits designed to trick the senses and challenge perception.

Parents and their kids can expect to encounter mind-bending displays, holograms, infinity rooms, and other optical illusions that provide a fun and engaging experience for people of all ages.

Expect to spend up to 1 hour at the museum and make sure to choose your slot accordingly to avoid the crowd.

Address: Via Luigi Settembrini, 11, 20124 Milano MI, Italy

Source: Museo delle Illusioni Milano

20. Evasion Escape Room

If you are like us and always on the hunt to find an escape room on holidays, then this Evasion Escape Room in Milan is for you.

The venue offers different rooms that will attract many families. For instance one room is called Wizard Academy and is directly inspired by Harry Potter.

Past visitors have praised how professional these escapes are run and also the quality of the décor and puzzles available in the rooms.

Address: Via Domenico Cucchiari, 15, 20155 Milano MI, Italy

Source: Evasion Escape Room
Map of Things to Do in Milano with Kids


No matter what your family’s interests are, there are plenty of things to do with kids in Milan. From exploring the city’s parks and museums to visiting amusement parks and waterparks, there’s something for everyone. So plan your next trip to Milan with the kids and enjoy some quality family time!

I hope you have found enough activities and parks to keep your kids busy and entertained during your city holiday break in Milan. Make sure to visit some food market halls or pastry shops and taste the local cuisine of Lombardy such as a good risotto. Enjoy Milan!


things to do in milan with kids

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