Whether you are visiting for the day or decide to take a long extended weekend in Tallinn with the kids, you are definitely going to love this city.

The city of Tallinn is very diverse and full of historical landmarks and a great culture, which makes one of the most upcoming city break destinations in Europe. But what are the top things to do in Tallinn with the kids?

In this article, I will highlight the best museums, great parks and kids friendly activities you could plan to do in Tallinn. Depending on the time of the year you decide to visit Tallinn, I am sure you will find this city very attractive and peaceful.

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and almost faces Helsinki in Finland from a geographical point of view. While the Old Town is probably the most visited area in Tallinn, there are lots of interesting things to do in other districts too.

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So let’s deep dive on all the great activities you could do in Tallinn with the family. Let’s go!

1. Skywheel of Tallinn

As you will see, Tallinn is such a majestic city with lovely colors that you can catch all day long. But nothing beats a ride on the Skywheel of Tallinn where you can admire a panoramic view of Tallinn. Especially if you plan to experience this attraction during sunset.

The ferris wheel will take you 120 meters above the ground and will rotate three times with plenty of photos opportunities. This unique attraction in Tallinn is located above a shopping centre in the South East of the city called T1 not too far from Tallinn airport.

The entry cost for the ride is 10€ per person with a family package available as well. Expect the experience to lasts around 12 minutes.

📍Peterburi tee 2, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia


a fun attraction to try in Tallinn with kids
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2. Tallinn TV Tower

So here is another great opportunity to view Tallinn from the sky. The Tallinn TV Tower is the tallest landmark in Tallinn and offers incredible views not to be missed. The height is indeed just above 300 meters so not for the faint hearted people.

What makes the Tallinn TV Tower even more interesting is that you can have a meal on the 20th floor of the tower. Just make sure you pick the right day with a clear sky so you can take the best pictures possible of Tallinn.

This attraction will certainly please your children when visiting Tallinn with a little museum that currently exhibits history of Estonian Broadcasting.

Pre-booking your tickets to access the tower is highly recommended during peak season.

📍Kloostrimetsa tee 58a, 11913 Tallinn, Estonia


Enjoy a fantastic view of Tallinn - things to do with kids in Tallinn
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3. Super Skypark

If your kids need to release some energy and have fun indoor in Tallinn, you simply can’t go wrong by booking a session at Super Skypark. This gigantic entertainment centre is located not too far from Skywheel of Tallinn and is heaven for families.

Inside the venue, your children will play with their peers in different areas where they can find trampolines, bumper cars, playgrounds for different age groups and so much more.

You might want to stay a couple of hours but your kids will probably ask for more time to enjoy the fun at Super Skypark.

Last but not least, the centre has a great restaurant called CLAUDZ where you can have lunch with the kids.

📍Peterburi tee 2, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia


a top indoor trampoline park to do with children in Tallinn
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4. Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

As every European city, Tallinn is equipped with the famous Hop On Hop Off Tour bus that you can experience all day long. The whole tour of Tallinn takes less than 1 hour with 6 different stops if you take the historic centre & old town tour.

Another bus tour is available with 13 stops where you can reach the harbour, which is convenient, if you need to take the ferry afterwards. This particular tour takes about 75 minutes and includes a stop to visit Maarjamae Castle or Pirita district if you can fancy a nice walk alongside the beach.


a tour bus to be introduced with Tallinn city with the family
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5. Kiek de Kök Museum and Bastion Tunnels

Kiek de Kök Museum is one of the most popular historic attractions to do in Tallinn with the kids. This place is perfect to understand the history of Estonia and how the capital has faced adversity during World War II.

The museum is very information and interactive with also opportunities to walk in narrow tunnels. You can also walk up the tower with some stairs to climb. So be mindful with your children.

Overall, Kiek de Kök Museum is really a top activity not to be missed during your holiday in Tallinn with the family.

📍Komandandi tee 2, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia

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An historical attraction to visit with family in Tallinn
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6. Estonian Maritime Museum

If the rain invites itself during your city break holiday in Tallinn, you might consider visiting the Estonian Maritime Museum with your little tribe. This place is a massive museum dedicated to everything related to the sea. Your will kids will love interacting with lots of artefacts and also go down a real submarine.

The Estonian Maritime Museum is located at the north of the city close to Lennusadam Marina. This venue has expended to new sections since its opening in 2012. You can even spot today some seaplanes attached to the high ceiling of the Seaplane Harbour exhibition room.

This museum is so popular with children that you can even organise a birthday party inside.

📍Vesilennuki 1, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia

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Source: Estonian Maritime Museum

7. PROTO Invention Factory

PROTO is a fantastic science experience venue where kids and parents can interact with different objects. A lot of VR activities are available on site too so expect your kids to be awe with the technology.

This contemporary museum is really geared towards children and I doubt your family will be bored during your visit to PROTO.

I have forgot to mention you can ride an indoor bicycle and control a remote car in a huge track and compete with others. Sounds like fun no?

PROTO Invention Factory has also a top café where you can have lunch in the middle of your visit. Expect to spend around 3 or 4 hours inside this attraction so your children can fully appreciate all the activities available on site.

📍Peetri 10, 10411 Tallinn, Estonia


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8. Hirvepark (Deer’s Park)

Hirverpark is a nice park where you can take your kids for a nice walk. The outdoor green area has also a small playground for young children.

Hirverpark used to be the home for deers until the 1930s. Today, the park is full of beautiful trees where can sit down and relax. So a perfect place to end your day after a long stroll visiting the city of Tallinn with the kids.

📍Wismari 2, 10136, 10136 Tallinn, Estonia

Source: Ave Maria Möistlik / Wikimedia Commons

9. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

If there one religious building that you need to tick from your wish list in Tallinn, it is certainly Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. This Orthodox Church has 4 beautiful domes that you can spot from very far, especially if you are taking a ride on the Skywheel.

The exterior looks really stunning especially late in the afternoon with the sun set on the city. You will certainly see lots of postcards highlighting the beauties of this building. Inside, the church feels simpler but is still worth to visit pending your children can behave and respect the calm of the place.

📍Lossi plats 10, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia


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10. Bowling Kuulsaal

Need a quick activity to do before or after dinner? Why not playing a game of bowling at the Bowling Kuulsaal. The venue is ideally located in the centre of Tallinn and is the ideal place to have fun for 1 or 2 hours depending on how competitive your kids can be with you.

Bowling Kuulsaal has 6 lanes and even some pool tables. There is a possibility to have dinner over there with drinks and snacks available such as chicken wings, fries, salads, burgers and more.

📍Mere pst 6, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia

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Source: Bowling Kuulsaal

11. Epping Tower

If you have time left during your busy schedule in Tallinn, you may visit the Epping Tower where your children will learn about how the city Tallinn was facing the enemy during different times.

There are small exhibitions available to the 6 floors of the tower with lots of opportunity to touch and feel objects. For instance, your child can try a coat or defensive armour. Lots of weapons can also be spotted in the museum.

Once you have reached the top of the tower, you are rewarded with beautiful views over the Old Town of Tallinn with a great setting for perfect photos.

📍Laboratooriumi 31, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

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12. Estonian Theatre and Music Museum

Another hands on museum in Tallinn is the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum. This small attraction is dedicated to musical instruments and Estonian music in general.

There is a small room where your kids can play a few instruments. Luckily, the museum has guides in English with lots of information available for each exhibit too. The Estonian folklore is also represented at the museum with lots of traditional costumes displayed in glass windows.

Overall, the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum is the perfect place to visit in the morning just before lunchtime so your children can learn about the diversity of musical instruments. Who knows they might want to learn to the oboe or the piano once they are back at home!

📍Müürivahe Tänav 12, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia

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Source: Ajaloomuuseum

13. NUKU / Museum of Puppetry Arts

This hidden jewel in Tallinn is a surprising museum dedicated to the world of puppets. Your children can pick up some figures where they can try to articulate them with the strings.

The attraction is not huge but enough to attract families to learn about this not so common art of puppetry. While you can appreciate the different kinds of puppets available at the exhibition, there are certainly lots to discover when you will discover some footage on how a puppet show is run.

The venue organises different shows and guided tours so make sure to visit the website to see what’s one during your visit inTallinn.

📍Lai 1, Nunne 4, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

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14. Estonian Museum of Natural History

Best of all, the Estonian Museum of Natural History is certainly a family favourite attraction to do in Tallinn. Located in the Old Town of Tallinn, this museum focuses on the animals and Estonian nature overall.

This museum is not massive but probably big enough to keep the kids interested during their visit. Some of the guided tours are available in English. Check their website below for more information.

So if you have a rainy day in Tallinn and needs a place to kill one our with your children, have a look at the Estonian Museum of Natural History to fill your day nicely with other activities.

📍Lai 29a, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

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Source: Loodusmuuseum

15. Kullo’s Children Gallery

Last on our list of things to do in Tallinn with kids is the Kullo’s Children Gallery. Hosted inside a medieval house from the 14th century, the gallery exhibits many artworks executed by young artists.

If you have children interested in paintings and art in general, they might be interested to look at the work from their peers. The museum is a door opener to imagination with lots of surprises for parents when they discover what children can do on canvas.

📍Kuninga 6, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia

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Source: Kullo Lastegalerii

Map of Things to Do in Tallinn with Kids



things to do in Tallinn with kids


You have reached the end of my article on the best things to do in Tallinn with kids. Hopefully, there are enough activities and landmarks you can experience to make your holiday in Tallinn interesting for your family.

If you have time, you can also extend your holiday by booking a full day return trip to Helsinki and return later in the evening to Tallinn. The ferry takes roughly around 2 hours one way.

I hope you will enjoy your holiday in Tallinn with your children. Happy Days!

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