Now that you are in Andalusia or may be planning to take a holiday in Andalusia, you would certainly stop over in Granada with the family. But what are the things to do in Granada with the kids?

In this article, I will reveal the most favourite activities and excursions you could do with children in Granada including a museum dedicated to sciences.

While the city of Granada is fairly small compared to other Spanish main cities, the region is very rich in terms of history and culture. You won’t be bored by all the different attractions that Granada has to offer.

With over 230,000 inhabitants, Granada is the 20th town in Spain in terms of population and the capital of Andalusia. The city of Granada is true melting pot of cultures due to the ruling of the region by the Arabs, the Catholic Monarchs and even Napoleon’s army for a few years.

Today, Granada is among the most visited cities in Spain partially due to the magnificent Alhambra palace and its gardens.

So without further do, let’s explore all the things you could do in Granada with the kids. Vamos!

1. Science Park

If you need to find a family friendly activity in Granada, the Parque de las Ciencias is probably one of the best options, especially if you need to a few hours away from the scorching sun in the summer.

This big museum is a great venue where your kids will learn so much about biology, astronomy, medicine and so much more.

The good news is that the museum displays are in both Spanish and English so expect some questions from your children during your visit. There are also great workshops happening every day at the museum. Children can learn about the digestive system or the insect world.

Moreover, the venue has a great planetarium (€2.50 extra) which schedules a 45min show all day long. A great opportunity to introduce the galaxy and the solar system to your children.

Check out their website to see what’s on in terms of temporary exhibitions during your visit in Granada.

📍Av. de la Ciencia, s/n, 18006 Granada, Spain

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Parque de Las Ciencias is a top museum to visit with children in Granada
Source: Parque de las Ciencias

2. BioDome

Part of the Parque de la Ciencias, the BioDome is very popular with young visitors. It was opened in 2016 as part of an expansion project of the science museum.

You would be able to wander around a massive area to recreate an Earth’s biodiversity little world. You will visit the BioDome through 3 different routes: underwater, terrestrial and aerial.

What makes the place so unique for children is to be able to see animals from different continents like monkeys, alligators or sharks.

If you combine your BioDome ticket entry with the Parque de la Ciencias, you can easily spend the whole day at the venue with the kids. There is a restaurant inside the premises to break for lunch too!

📍Av de las Ciencias, s/n, 18006 Granada, Spain

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BioDomo is a lovely place to see animals in their habitats in Granada
Source: Parque de las Ciencias

3. Alhambra

Listed as one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage sites in Spain, Alhambra is a fortress palace that was built in the 12th century with strong influences taken from the Islamic architecture.

At that time, the Nasrids dynasty ruled the Granada region and the Alhambra was like a little city within a city where you could go to the hammam, the Mosque and different workshops. The site was eventually expended with time and now is this massive complex with different houses and gardens.

To get a true sense of the history of this important site, it is highly recommended to take one of these guided tours in your preferred language. Expect some of the tours to last on average 3 hours to fully appreciate the site. So make sure you prepare your children in advance!

📍C. Real de la Alhambra, s/n, 18009 Granada, Spain


Alhambra is must do attraction for families in visiting Granada
Source: Pixabay

4. Parque Federico Garcia Lorca

If you are looking for a great park in Granada that ticks all the boxes, look no further than Parque Federico Garcia Lorca. This public green park has interesting long walks but also playgrounds, which are perfect for your children.

The park has been named after the famous Spanish poet who used to have a house on the premises with a beautiful garden. This green area is the perfect place in Granada to chill out and take the kids out after a visit to the museum or after lunch.

📍C. Virgen Blanca, S/N, 18004 Granada, Spain

5. Monkey Land

Now you would probably have to make some concessions with your brood if you spend time visiting the Alhambra. In return, why not taking them to a nice soft play area where your kids can go wild and play with their peers.

The Monkey Land is a top venue in Granada where local families go to for a few hours and see their kids go wild.

In addition, Monkey Land organises Laser Tag competition suitable for children aged 7+. For parents, there is a great café with you can drink your favourite hot drink and even buy different snacks and tapas style dishes.

Occasionally, the venue has birthday celebrations, so expect the place to be noisy with lots of kids playing around. But that’s the point, isn’t it?

📍Edificio Alban, Av. San Rafael, 1, 18100 Armilla, Granada, Spain

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a top indoor soft play park in Granada perfect for young children
Source: Monkey Land

6. Flamenco Show in La Alboreá

Being in Granada means great music and traditions and La Aboreá just delivers that with a fantastic flamenco show. Your family will love this 1-hour experience where you will see dancers and musicians interpreting traditional entertainment.

This venue feels very intimate and you need to book in advance your ticket entries to avoid disappointment. I love the fact the show doesn’t last too long so feels like the perfect duration if you are joined with young kids.

Usually, you can pick and choose different slots and the earliest I have seen is at 7pm so not too late for little ones, especially in the summer.

📍C. Pan, 3, 18010 Granada, Spain


Source: GetYourGuide

7. Sacromonte Caves Museum

If you spend more than 1 day in Granada, you can’t miss visiting the Cuevas del Sacromonte with the kids. For only 5 euros, you will learn about how gypsies lived in these caves and also introduce the folklore traditions of Flamenco in the region of Granada.

The site needs a steep walk but you will be rewarded with an incredible view of the Alhambra once you have reached these home caves remains. All 8 caves have been redecorated with the look and feel on how people were living.

The small museum is a truly hidden gem in Granada and is a great testimony to the Sacromonte population and its culture.

📍Barranco de los Negros, s/n (acceder por, C. Verea de Enmedio), 18010 Granada, Spain

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Source: Museo Cuevas del Sacromonte

8. Mundo Aventura

The indoor activity Mundo Aventura is another great soft play area where young children can play around medieval world theme. The venue is a massive hangar in the north of Granada where families bring their kids to birthday celebrations. So you can expect a lot of entertainment for your young children.

Children will play endlessly in the bouncy castles, ball pits and jump and down on trampolines. There is even a little café where you can snacks and drinks whilst watching your kids having fun.

Of course, this attraction is not essential for families visiting Granada but it is very popular with locals and who knows you might want to surprise your kids with this special place too!

📍C/Castilla La Mancha nº37 polígono Zárate, 18210 Peligros, Granada, Spain

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Source: Mundo Aventura

9. Generalife

Situated on the East side of the Alhambra, Generalife is a beautiful country estate that used to belong to the Nasrid family. The palace and its beautiful gardens were used as a Summer retreat for different members of the family.

Today, you can visit mainly the gardens, which are a bit uphill so expect some elevation when you walk there. You can admire different views of Granada and the Alhambra with lots of flowers in Spring.

During peak season, it is advisable to buy tickets in advance to avoid the queue or see the ‘sold out’ sign when you reach the site. Make sure you and your kids wear comfortable shoes so you can enjoy thoroughly these gardens.


Source: GetYourGuide

10. Casa del Arte Flamenco

This attraction is not suitable for children under 5

Are you ready to be moved by live music and stunning dancing? The Casa del Arte Flamenco is among the best venue in Granada to see a traditional flamenco show. This 1-hour performance involves guitarists, flamenco dancers and stunning male and female voices.

If your children can bear to be silent and pay attention to a music performance, they will surely enjoy this show. You will feel being part of the production as the theatre can only hold up to 30 persons. So you are guaranteed to see a very intimate concert that will stay in your memory for a while.

📍Cta. de Gomérez, 11, 18009 Granada, Spain


Source: GetYourGuide

11. El Reino Escape Room

I always try to find an escape room in the cities we are exploring. Granada is no stranger to this trendy attraction that adults and children love participating in. El Reino Escape Room is located right in the centre of Granada with very positive reviews from past participants.

Different games are offered by the organiser and they could be played with children as young as 6 years old. Some other games are more suitable for teenagers and adults.

The fact that their website features Children’s Rooms guarantee a good hour of fun and laughter whilst trying to solve all these clues and puzzles. A great family friendly activity to do in Granada for sure.

📍C. Paz, 6, locales, 18002 Granada, Spain

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12. A family walk in Albayzín

Pending the temperature is not too hot, your family should enjoy venturing in the beautiful district of Albaicín or Albayzín in Granada. This part of town is a maze of little streets with lot of history behind them.

If you have a pushchair, beware that these streets can be hilly with uneven paths. It is better to come with a baby sling or prepare your children some an exercise walk with a big reward at the end with ice cream or another treat (lots of souvenirs shops).

Alternatively, you can book a tour guide who will take you in Albayzin and Sacromonte to admire the beautiful sunset over the city of Granada. The tour lasts between 2 and 2 ½ hours.


Source: GetYourGuide

13. Museo Caja Granada Memoria de Andalucia

This museum in closed in August

Straight from the outside, you will be stunned by the impressive contemporary architecture of Caja Granada museum. The venue is a great place to start learning about the history of Granada with temporary exhibitions happening all year round.

Beware that this attraction is a bit far from the centre so plan in advance your day accordingly. Whilst not essential on a 1-day itinerary in Granada, this museum should be on your wish list for longer stays in the Andalusia city.

📍Av. de la Ciencia, 2, 18006 Granada, Spain

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Source: CajaGranada Fundacion

14. Parque Periodista Tico Medina

Located in the South West of Granada, you can find lots of grassy areas at the Parque Tico Medina. The park is not huge but big enough to enjoy a picnic on nice sunny days or simply a walk with the family after lunch or dinner.

Kids will be able to play at the playground inside the park with also a café nearby to get some snacks or soft drinks.

This outdoor activity can be combined after visiting the Science Museum or CajaGranada museum as they are all located in the same area.

📍Parque Tico Medina, 18006 Granada, Spain

15. Aventura Entre Pinos

If you are ready to rent a car and drive up north of Granada, you can easily spend half a day at Aventura Entre Pinos in Viznar. This outdoor activity is full of different adventures circuits that involve ziplines.

There are different levels accessible on the premises with a special mention for young children aged between and 4 and 6 years with the Minikids adventure route.

You will spend up to 3 hours in the trees going through different challenges with of course an introduction session with supervisors.

If you manage to finish one circuit way before the 3 hours session, you can try completing another more difficult route. The choice is yours!

Families love this activity especially if you need some time in the shade but still connected with nature.

📍Ctra, GR-3101, Km 7, 5, 18179 Viznar, Granada, Spain

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Source: Aventura Entre Pinos

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things to do in granada with kids


This is it! You have reached the end of my article on the best things to do in Granada with kids. Andalusia is such a beautiful region to spend a nice family friendly holiday.

Granada would certainly be one of the highlights of your holiday with a diverse cultural world that is so reminiscent of this town. Happy Travel in Granada!

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