Where to Stay in Lyon with Family?

Whether you are making a stopover during your holiday in France. Or decide to spend a few nights in Lyon with the kids to explore what the 3rd largest city in France has to offer, you and your family won’t be disappointed by this historical town. However, you might be wondering what are the best places to stay with the family in Lyon.

You’ve come to to the right place. In this guide, I will show you where to stay  in Lyon with the family, which district each accommodation belongs too and also whether they have rooms or flats for a large family.

best places to stay in lyon with family
Source: Pixabay

I have never understood why Lyon isn’t more popular with tourists considering how beautiful this city is with some much history and also incredible food (you have to eat at one of the Bouchons Lyonnais). The town of Lyon was built more than 2,000 years ago and you can see why when you are visiting the city with Roman ruins or Renaissance buildings all around you.

On a sunny day, your family will love walking in the Parc de la Tete d’or. And on a rainy day, you can’t miss the Beaux Arts museum or Musée des Confluences with its incredible contemporary architecture.

Lyon is a perfect place to stay with a family for a relaxed long weekend or a few nights before you continue your holiday in France or need a break before reaching Southern Europe by car.

Whether you are travelling to Lyon with babies or toddlers, children or teenagers, there is something for everyone at these kids friendly hotels! From luxurious spas to fun kids activities, you will find the perfect place to stay for your family’s next vacation in Lyon. Regardless of your budget or preferences, these hotels provide everything needed for a pleasant and comfortable stay in this beautiful city.

Without further do, let’s look at my selection of the best places to stay in Lyon with the family. Bon Voyage!



where to stay in lyon with family