With families across the UK all staying in lock down this year, the much anticipated Easter egg hunt will have to happen at home.

And as now you’ve no doubt already made your Easter bakes, now why not plan the best Easter egg hunt ever for your little ones? They have had to cope with home schooling and no play dates for more than a few weeks now, so we say make 2020 one to remember!

Many parents may simply hide chocolate eggs around the home for children to find, which is of course lovely. This year however, how about attempting something slightly more elaborate? Here we suggest an Easter-style treasure hunt, with lots of clues and a special theme.

So here are our 5 simple steps to a creating cracking egg hunt…

1. Choose a theme

Why not theme everything about your Easter egg hunt – say making the colour of basket, clues and eggs, all in your children’s favourite colour? Or do they love a certain cartoon, such as Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig? Then perhaps you could theme each of the clues according to a different character and their personality, or outfit colour. So say blue eggs for Chase clues, yellow for Rubble, red for Marshall etc. etc., you get the idea.

easter eggs hunt at home
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2. Decorate a basket

The day before the hunt, look for a little basket or any small container that each child can decorate themselves. Even a plastic lunchbox will do, as long as they can stick things to it. Then find and use whatever you can in the house to embellish it – for example, ribbons, sequins, glitter, stickers, paint etc. Lay out newspaper, lots of Sellotape and children’s glue on a big table and let the children all personalise their baskets.

easter eggs hunt at home
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3. Prepare the Easter Goodies

A few days before the hunt, pop to the shops and buy what ever chocolates and treats you can find. And as this is an unusual year, we say a little improvisation is allowed! So for example, if you can’t find the exact foil wrapped eggs, don’t worry. Kids will be delighted to find anything sweet, so Kit Kats, Breakaways or tea cakes are all great alternatives. Wrap them in shiny paper if you like or even tin foil (again we are allowing ourselves to improvise!). And if you want to keep the sugar levels down, wrap half sweet treats and the other half Easter ‘gifts’ – so new pens, pencils, stickers, little models, little toys, or whatever you think they will love, but also essentially won’t break the bank.

easter eggs hunt at home
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4. Write and Hide

Next, keeping your chosen theme in mind, plan, write and illustrate all of your egg hunt clues on individual cards. Work out how many treats you have for the hunt and write clues for each one. If you have more than one child and they will be doing the hunt together, then make sure you have one of each treat as a prize for each clue, to avoid any squabbles. Then hide them all in order, putting the next clue with along with each egg or treat, until you end with the biggest present. For some great clue ideas see here.

easter eggs hunt at home
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5. Let the fun begin

So the big day has arrived! After you have made and enjoyed your Easter Bunny Pancakes, give your kids the first clue and let the fun begin!

easter eggs hunt at home
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So there you have it, how to create a fabulous Easter egg hunt at home. Here are some other ideas on how to celebrate Easter at home this year.

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