Whilst the Covid-19 lockdown continues, we’ve got some great ideas on how to celebrate Easter at home, so you can still have a memorable family weekend.

1. DIY Egg Hunt

Even if you don’t have a big garden (or any garden at all), hiding chocolate around the house will still keep them busy for an hour, and wear them out too!

how to celebrate Easter at home
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2. Decorate the House…

You may not have any family or friends coming to see it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate your house still. It needn’t be complicated either – simply some fresh flowers (we love Bloom & Wild for deliveries) can make a great centrepiece for the dining table. If the kids are feeling creative, they could make place settings, ornaments, painted eggs and more. Check out our post on Spring activities to keep kids busy, for more ideas.

how to celebrate Easter at home
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3. …And the Garden

Easter celebrates new beginnings, and what better way to get into the spirit is there, than planting some seeds and watching new life grow? Daffodils always put a smile on my face, and young children will love to help plant and water them each day. And if you don’t have a garden you can still plant tomatoes, chillies or herbs in pots on your windowsill. Also bunting brightens the place up no end.

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4. Bake Some Easter Treats

Hot cross buns, bunny shaped biscuits or light and fluffy lemon cupcakes. All will keep the kids occupied, and you can make lower sugar versions, so they don’t go too mad.

kids baking
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5. Make Easter Cards for Relatives

Yep it’s another craft activity for the kids! This one is really simple and can be done with children as young as two. They really don’t have to be perfect, in fact we think the more imperfect the cuter they look. Relatives will love receiving a card with their grandchild’s messy hand print, splodges of glitter and illegible crayon marks on!

Easter cards
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6. Make a Meal of It

Don’t let Easter pass you by just because your plans may have changed. If you would usually go out for lunch, make sure you bring the restaurant vibes home, and make a special meal with starters, pudding and all the trimmings. You have less people to cook for so hopefully less stress! And you should continue those traditions of big family gatherings by playing board games after dinner, enjoying a walk in the sunshine or settling down to a family film on Netflix.

How to celebrate Easter at home
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7. Facetime with Family

And lastly, keeping in contact with family is of utmost importance, especially elder relatives who may be totally isolated. You can set up your phone or tablet and eat your Easter lunch at the same time, chatting away as if they were in the same room – ah the wonder of technology!

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