From what we are reading, we have been able to do more exercises during lockdown since we didn’t commute to work for most of us. If you enjoy running in London and want to take your young children with you, you need to make sure the route you are taking is big enough for a pram. And  with less interaction on the roads as possible.

So without further do, let’s explore the best routes on where to run in London with a pram:

1. Putney Bridge – Barnes

If you come down to Putney Bridge towards Barnes, you have a large and beautiful promenade alongside the Thames River where you meet Rowing Clubs, cyclists, walkers, dogs and of course runners. The path is large enough for a single pram but we have seen runners with double buggy strollers before. The run between Putney Bridge and Barnes Bridge is just over 6K one way.

Where to run in London with a Pram
Source: Edwardx

2. Richmond Park

Richmond Park needs no introduction but is definitely on our list of the best runs you could do with a pram in London. There are plenty of different routes to take depending on the mood. You want some hills, we’ve got you covered. Feel like meeting some deers, you have it. Richmond Park is such a large park that your runs can be varied many times and yes paths are big enough for large prams too. The Tamsin Trail is long enough to do your 10K run too.

Source: BabyBreaks

3. Kensington Gardens

If you are looking for a beautiful run surrounded by big trees, flowers, ponds, swans or ducks, Kensington Gardens is probably the best choice in London. The Gardens change so much with the different seasons and your children will also love to see the wildlife in this park too. There are plenty of trails to try. If you dare for a longer run, you can also try the Hyde Park + Kensington Gardens loop which is about 7K.

Source: Royal Parks

4. Battersea Park

Here’s an idea: why not combining your run with a visit to Battersea Zoo? This park is very popular with runners on the weekend. Lots of families are walking in the park too and paths are big enough for any kinds of prams. The loop is less than 3K so 4 loops will be needed for your 10K run. It is all flat and very pram friendly too.

Source: BabyBreaks

5. Clapham Common

Last but not least, Clapham Common is another favourite run among families with different large paths to take with the buggy. Most of the park is flat and you can run the whole loop which is over 4K. After you run, your kids can try the Skatepark. And there are even some changing rooms if you need to head to your favourite brunch restaurant after the running effort.

Where to Run in London with a Pram
Source: Parkrun

If you have discovered a great trail to run in London worth mentioning, please make sure to send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. Happy Running!


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