If you’ve watched Harry Potter and Disney too many times to mention, get inspired by our list of The Best Family Movies on Netflix right now. Relieve that lockdown boredom and get ready for move night with the kids. And for more ideas on how to entertain little ones, check out our posts on easy crafts to do at home, kids baking recipes and kids subscription boxes.

1. Matilda

It’s been 24 years since this Roadl Dahl classic was brought to life on screen, but it remains a firm family favourite. The terrifying Miss Trunchbull, and magically talented Matilda have become cultural icons, and the heartwarming story will appeal to all ages. And what’s more it’s sure to inspire a love of learning in your children.

best family movies on netflix
Source: Netflix

2. The Little Prince

With beautiful storytelling and exquisite animation. this tear jerker will charm children and adults alike. Undoubtedly one of the best family movies on Netflix right now, it is based on a 1943 novella, and made its mark at several film festivals in 2015.  The whimsical story takes you on a journey through time and space, meeting eccentric characters and unlikely heroes. A really charming film for the whole family.

3. Hook

Inspired by J.M. Barrie’s classic tale of Peter Pan, kids will love this Steven Spielberg adventure on the high seas. Above all, the story is about encouraging children to use their imagination, and for parents to suspend their disbelief too. The grand feast scene was my absolute favourite as a child – it’s sure to bring a smile to your kids faces.

Hook movie on Netflix
Source: Netflix

4. The Adventures of Tintin

Another Spielberg entry, this 2011 animated film is an adaptation of the classic comic by Georges Remi. Follow the adventures of fearless young journalist Tintin and his trusty dog Snowy, as they set off on a treasure hunt. Pirates, kidnapping and piles of gold are sure to keep the kids entertained.

5 . Klaus

A Christmas film at Easter? Well why not, in this strange new lockdown world we’ve lost track of the days anyway! Netflix scored an Academy Award nomination for this Santa Claus story, in which a postman and a toymaker team up to deliver presents and joy to a sleepy little town.

You could even continue the Christmas theme by wearing Christmas pyjamas, making mince pies to eat and even giving the kids a tiny toy in a stocking. They’ll love it!

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