Families love going to the Circus but shows are usually quite repetitive and lack a lot imagination. Once you have seen a performance, you’ve seen them all. So it’s probably better to save your money and wait for the big show to arrive at your city. Coming this winter, there are quite a lot of respectable circus names coming to town. Which one to choose and which show not to miss this winter?

BabyBreaks have researched what are the top 5 cities in Europe in 2018 which welcome great Circus performances to entertain the whole family this Winter.

1. Paris, France

The City of Love will welcome not one but two great circuses this winter. Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione has a new 2-hour show called Extra. Furthermore, Bouglione is a long standing family circus that has been popular with the French crowd for decades. FREE for kids 0 to 2 year old

Address: 110 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris, France

Website: www.cirquedhiver.com

Performance Dates: From 13 Oct 2018 to 17 Mar 2019

If you are planning a day out in the Bois de Boulogne, you need to book your tickets to see the new show from Alexis Gruss called Origines. This show involves more than 40 horses, 15 performers, an orchestra of 10 musicians who will entertain you for more than 2 hours.

Address: Avenue de Saint-Cloud, 75016 Paris, France

Website: www.alexis-gruss.com

Performance Dates: From 13 Oct 2018 to 3 Mar 2019

  • Extra - Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione

  • Origines - Alexis Gruss

2. London, UK

London hosts 2 very different shows this winter.

Circus 1903 goes back in time for 3 weeks only at the Royal Festival Hall. The performance will feature acrobats, contortionists, jugglers, trapeze and high wire performers and more. This show will also welcome life size elephants created by puppeteers.

Address: Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX

Website: www.circus1903.com

Performance Dates: From 19 Dec 2018 to 5 Jan 2019

The Canadian Cirque du Soleil returns another year at the Royal Albert Hall with their incredible show Totem which has toured all around the world. The performance is quite unique and never fails to entertain during the 2-hour long show. So expect to keep your eyes wide open and discover the magic of the best Circus in Europe and the World.

Address: Kensington Gore, Kensington, London SW7 2AP

Website: www.cirquedusoleil.com

Performance Dates: From 12 Jan 2019 to 9 Feb 2019

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  • Circus 1903

  • Totem - Cirque du Soleil


3. Bruxelles, Belgium

Probably because of their boundaries with France, Bruxelles also has a traditional 2-hour circus show organised by Alexandre Bouglione.

Address: Rond-Point Jean Offenberg, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium

Website: www.bouglione.be

Performance Dates: From 10 Oct 2018 to 9 Dec 2018

Alexandre Bouglione - Best Circus Europe
Source: Alexandre Bouglione

4. Blackpool, UK

Blackpool hosts the oldest British circus under the name Blackpool Tower Circus. The Circus opened its door in 1894 and has been a favourite attraction among the families staying in the city This winter, your little tribe will be able to see the pantomine around the theme of the Aladdin.

Address: Blackpool Tower, The Promenade, Blackpool, FY1 4BJ, UK

Website: www.theblackpooltower.com

Performance Dates: From 24 Nov 2018 to 20 Jan 2019

Circus Panto - Best Circus Europe
Source: Circus Panto

5. Budapest, Hungary

The reviews on TripAdvisor say it all, Budapest probably has one of the Best rated circus in Europe  and it’s good value for money as well. With a show of 2.5 hours, the Capital Circus of Budapest will take your family to a unique and traditional world of entertainment.

Address: Allatkerti korut 12/a., Budapest 1146, Hungary

Website: www.fnc.hu

Performance Dates: From 20 Oct 2018 to 31 Dec 2018

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