If you are visiting West London and venture around Kensington Palace, why not taking the kids down High Street Kensington and explore Holland Park. The famous park located in the residential district of Kensington offers a variety of attractions and activities that families can enjoy all year round.

Before I reveal my favourite activities to do in Holland Park, here are some historical facts about the origins of Holland Park.

The area that is now Holland Park was originally part of the manor of Kensington. The land was acquired by Sir Walter Cope in 1605, who began building a large mansion known as Cope Castle. Cope Castle was completed in 1608 and became a prominent residence.

After Sir Walter Cope’s death, the estate passed to his son-in-law, Henry Rich, who became the 1st Earl of Holland in 1624. The estate was then known as Holland House.

Fast forward, during World War II, Holland House was severely damaged by bombing in 1940. Only the east wing and some ruins of the main building remain. After the war, the estate was gradually transformed into a public park. The London County Council acquired the house and its grounds in 1952, and it was opened to the public as Holland Park.

Here are my favourite 8 things you could do in Holland Park with your children.

1. Kyoto Garden

Kyoto Garden is probably the most famous secret garden to check out in West London where visitors love taking pictures of themselves and feed their Instagram. The beautiful Japanese-style garden comes with waterfalls, ponds, and koi fishes, offering a serene environment for a relaxing stroll.

It goes without saying the place can be quite crowded during sunny days on weekends. So my advice is to go there as early as you can to avoid the long procession walk to the little stone bridge.

what to do in Holland Park with kids
Source: BabyBreaks

2. Adventure Playground

Your children will love this well-equipped playground suitable for children of different ages, featuring slides, climbing structures, and swings. Lots of the play areas are made of wood and feel like they are part of the green surroundings.

In the South West entrance of Holland Park via Ilchester Place, you can also find a nice little playground aimed for toddlers.  Young children can have fun with their peers in a big sand pit too.\

Source: BabyBreaks

3. Holland Park Ecology Centre

Holland Park is not just a park in London, it offers some educational programs and workshops for children and families, focusing on nature and the environment. The Ecology Centre was indeed opened in 2013 and focuses on the natural environment around us.

To visit the centre, you need to pre-book a group session. Otherwise, your kids might visit the centre with the school too.

4. Sports Facilities

If you are sport addict, you will be pleased to know that Holland Park has tennis courts, a cricket pitch, and a football pitch where families can engage in various sports activities.

On weekends and school holidays, you can even see children camps dedicated to football or multi sports.

Source: BabyBreaks

5. A walking trail

Further down the park, there is a nice walking trail path through woodland areas, perfect for exploring and enjoying nature. There is even a hilly path to test your legs leading to the East side of the park. Don’t hesitate to take small paths to discover other parts of Holland Park too. And who knows you might meet some peacocks or squirrels.

6. Ornamental Gardens

The park has also landscaped gardens, including the Dutch Garden, with colourful flowers and manicured lawns. The gardens are particularly beautiful in Spring with some much variety of flowers including a mini lavender field. Also, stop by the giant chess board where you can take your children for a game.

Source: BabyBreaks

7. Open-Air Theatre

During the summer months, families can enjoy Opera performances at the park’s open-air theatre. This year, you can see famous operas such as Tosca or the Barber of Seville. Probably not suitable for young children but if you have teenagers who are keen to listen classical music with a theatrical performance, it might be worth booking tickets for a unique Opera experience.

Source: BabyBreaks

8. Café and Picnic Areas

Finally, Holland Park has a beautiful café called Daisy Green which is open every day between 8am and 8pm. The café offers brunches that families appreciate all year round. In the sunny days, you can even sit and enjoy your meal at the terrace.  Otherwise, you can find some designated picnic areas where families can relax and enjoy a meal too. You can find the Waitrose shop nearby the South entrance of the park on High Street Park if you think of an impromptu picnic.

Source: BabyBreaks


Overall, Holland Park is a wonderful destination for families with children, offering a mix of play, education, and relaxation in a beautiful and safe environment.


what to do in holland park with kids


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