You may not even need to leave your bedroom to travel the world. The following travel books for kids have the power to transport young minds from 1950’s Paris to ancient Egypt in the turn of a page. Whether you are looking for a classic bedtime story or a fun, factual destination guide, the following list has something to suit all children. And if you’re looking for the real life places loved by children’s authors, check out our post on inspiring literary locations in the UK. 

1. Spin the Globe

A series of 6 books detailing The Incredible Adventures of Frederick von Wigglebottom. This delightful collection was written by father of two Edward Moldenhauer, who would make up bedtime stories for his children based on where they pointed to on a globe. Each book is fact based and educational, but loads of fun. So one night they might be in Australia learning about Aboriginal culture, and the next hanging out with Vikings and Reindeer in the Norwegian Fjords.

Suitable for ages 4-10

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Travel books for kids
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2. Madeline

A classic book which continues to charm readers even after 75 years. The little girl’s adventures in Paris are accompanied by beautiful illustrations which are sure to delight all ages. A great one for bedtime stories.

Suitable for ages 5-8.

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Travel books for kids

3.  Paddington

Travel around the landmarks of London as you read all about the bear from Peru with an insatiable love of marmalade. The recent Paddington films were a big hit at cinemas, so your kids may already be a little bit in love with him! Undoubtedly one of our favourite travel books for kids, there are 14 books in total to discover.

Suitable for ages 7+

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paddington bear
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4. Journey

A book with no words? Bear with us… This picture book is not just for babies and toddlers, far from it in fact. The incredible illustrations draw the reader into the little girl’s fantasy world of fairy forests, castles and empires. The detail on each page is incredible, and is sure to spark your child’s imagination. No wonder it’s been hailed an instant classic.

Suitable for ages 4-8

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Travel books for kids

5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Long Haul

The 9th book in the Wimpy Kid series follows the hapless protagonist on a road trip with his family. Hilarious mishaps ensue – relatable for both children and adults!  Also see Wimpy Kid’s “The Getaway” for more holiday hilarity.

Suitable for ages 8-12

US road trip
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6. Molly & The Magic Suitcase Series

This series of books follows Molly and her brother Michael as they travel to faraway places using a magic suitcase.  Although they are first and foremost stories for entertainment, these books are packed full of fun facts which will help your child learn all about new cultures, cuisines and landscapes. They cover a great range of destinations from Rome to Peru. A great book to give your child before you head off on holiday.

Suitable for ages 2-8

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Travel books for kids
Source: Molly & The Magic Suitcase / Facebook

7. Little House on the Prairie

A wonderful antidote to modern times, these classic tales of a pioneer girl and her family make for lovely bedtime stories. They paint a wholesome picture of 19th century America, focusing on the simple pleasures of country living. The author’s website also has some great recipes, craft and gardening ideas for kids, inspired by the books.

Suitable for ages 8+

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Little House on the Prairie
Source: Garth Williams

8. Magic Tree House Series

These popular books follow siblings Jack and Annie who travel on all sorts of adventures through space and time, from Pompeii to Ancient Egypt. Your kids might enjoy an Afternoon in the Amazon or Pirates Past Noon – with 51 books in the series they’ll be spoiled for choice.

Suitable for ages 7-9

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Travel Books for Kids

9. Treasure Island

The ultimate kids adventure, Robert Louis Stevenson’s tale of pirates and treasure maps has enchanted children for centuries.  It has a reading age of 10, but can be read aloud to them from a few years younger. And we bet you will enjoy it just as much as them!

Suitable for ages 10+

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little boy looking at map
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10. Lonely Planet Kids Series

From city trails to national parks, Lonely Planet publish a huge range of travel books for kids. The fun facts, fantastic photos and activities on each page are sure to spark their imaginations, and keep them busy on long journeys. Winning!

Suitable for ages 9-12

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Lonely Planet Kids
Source: Lonely Planet Kids

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