You’re planning your first family ski holiday with your children and starting to be apprehensive at taking them to the mountains for the first time? Don’t panic, Babybreaks has a few tips to help you make it a successful one. As always, it’s all about being prepared.

1. Location, Location, Location

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Whether you’re renting a chalet or going to a ski resort, make sure it has easy access to the slopes, kids-friendly activities nearby or on site as well as restaurants. This will make your life easier when the kids had enough of skiing or the weather doesn’t allow you to ski. Who wants a hot chocolate?

2. Have the appropriate gear

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No one likes being cold and wet so make sure you are well equipped. Invest or borrow the ski essentials such as waterproof boots, a decent pair of gloves and a ski mask. Don’t forget the lip balm, sun screen and after sun to avoid sun-burns.
If you’re renting boots and skis, best to get them the day before you start skiing to avoid the morning crowd all trying to do the same thing.

3. Safety first

Whilst it’s not mandatory in all countries or resorts to wear a helmet on the slopes, we highly recommend the whole family to wear one no matter what age.
Some travel insurance policies now also require that you wear a helmet so check the small prints!

4. Book ski lessons

It’s a good idea to book ski lessons before heading to the mountains. Classes can get pretty booked up during peak seasons so better be prepared. That being said, don’t force the kids to go on if they’ve had enough. First times can be overwhelming.

For the youngest ones, most stations have snow parks offering a fun introduction to skiing with child-friendly equipment and games.

5. Quiet Time​

Skiing is fun but the excitement and physical activities can be exhausting so don’t forget to enjoy some quiet time with your children. Family Ski Holiday is also about relaxing. Make a snowman, read a book, do some colouring or play board games. It’s a family holiday, enjoy it!

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