The festive season is well and truly upon us! One of the best things about spending Christmas in the UK is enjoying all of the Christmas markets around the country.

Of course, London is the capital, and so you can expect the best Christmas markets here.

With that being said, continue reading to find out more about the 15 Best London Christmas Markets to visit in 2023 with your family. Enjoy!

1. Christmas Market at Leicester Square

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the Leicester Square Christmas Market.

After all, you will find this Christmas market bang in the heart of the tourist district in London.

You can expect impressive gift and food stalls, with this market running right until January 7th 2023.

Once you have picked up all the treats you want to purchase, you can head into the Spiegeltent where you will be able to witness a wide range of award-winning performances.

This includes everything from world leading drag tributes to girl bands, human jukeboxes, cabaret sensations, and fire-breathers.

Dates: now – 7th January 2024

Address: Leicester Square, London WC2H 7DE

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London Christmas Markets
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2. Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

Of course, we cannot talk about Christmas in London without mentioning Winter Wonderland.

Just like the previous market, this will be running right through until January.

If you have never experienced Winter Wonderland before, you should definitely pay a visit.

This big festive fun fair draws people from far and wide; from tourists and day-trippers to local Londoners.

So, what can you expect here? Well, aside from the outdoor ice rink, you can also expect an après ski-inspired ‘village’, an ice bar, German beer tents, plenty of festive food stalls, and even hireable karaoke huts.

If there is one place to choose among all London Christmas Markets in 2023, you can’t go wrong with Winter Wonderland but expect lots of people on weekends!

Dates: 17th November 2023 – 01st January 2024

Address: Hyde Park, London

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London Christmas Markets
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3. Winter Market at Southbank

Next, we have the Winter Market in Southbank, which runs until 26th December 2023. This market is on a beautiful setting; on the riverside.

It is not too far from the London Eye. You will find festive fare added to the menus of the street food market vendors that are always out in full force in Southbank.

However, there is a lot of festive fun and new gifts and goodies on display too.

There are also plenty of entertainment options like the dancing act Nutcracker

Dates: now – 26th December 2023

Address: The Queen’s Walk, Lambeth, London SE1 8XX

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London Christmas Markets
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4. Christmas at Borough Market

Borough Market is a place that needs no introduction. It is one of the most famous spots in London.

However, it is even more magical during the Christmas period, as it will be open every day between 28th November and January 2024.

There is going to be a great selection of seasonal produce available for everyone to enjoy.

Not only are there many different products to make the most of but the sheer site of the historic arches of the Market dressed in stunning decorations is a beauty to behold.

You will also be able to hear Christmas carols and bells in the background too.

Dates: 28th November 2023 – 09th January 2024

Address: 8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL

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Source: Instagram / @boroughmarket

5. Greenwich Market Grotto

On the East side of London, we have Christmas at Greenwich Market. You may have already missed the first date for this, but it is also going to be running on November and December 2023, so there is still plenty of time to get in on the action!

If you have ever been to Greenwich Market before, then you will know that it is incredible all year around.

However, this is even more so the case during the Christmas period when these places get a festive makeover.

Enjoy browsing around the 120 stalls with a glass of mulled wine. What could be better?

Dates: 15th November 2023 – 23rd December 2023

Address: 5B Greenwich Market, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 9HZ

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6. Be Festive: Christmas in Richmond


Dates: 25th November 2023 and 26th November 2023

Address: Whittaker Avenue, Richmond

7. The Old Spitalfields Christmas Market

Old Spitalfields Market in London is known for hosting various events, including Christmas markets, during the holiday season.

Old Spitalfields Market is a historic market located in the heart of East London, known for its diverse range of stalls offering fashion, art, antiques, and food.

The Christmas market at Old Spitalfields typically features a festive atmosphere with stalls selling holiday-themed goods, handmade crafts, decorations, and unique gifts.

Family visitors can expect to find a variety of items perfect for holiday shopping.

In addition to shopping opportunities, Christmas markets often include food vendors serving seasonal treats and beverages, as well as entertainment and activities for families.

Dates: 18th December 2023 – 24th December 2023

Address: 16 Horner Square, London E1 6EW

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Source: Old Spitalfields Market

8. Christmas Market in Covent Garden

Covent Garden in London is well-known for its festive decorations and events during the Christmas season.

The Covent Garden Christmas Market is one of the highlights, offering visitors a magical and festive experience.

Covent Garden is beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and festive decorations, creating a joyful and enchanting atmosphere.

The market typically features numerous stalls selling a variety of Christmas gifts, decorations, crafts, and seasonal treats. It’s an excellent place to find unique and handcrafted items.

Covent Garden often hosts live performances and entertainment during the Christmas season. You might encounter street performers, carol singers, and other festive acts adding to the holiday spirit.

Dates: now – 07th January 2024

Address: Covent Garden, London

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9. Kingston Christmas Market

Kingston upon Thames, a town in South West London, is known for hosting a Christmas market during the holiday season.

Kingston’s Christmas Market typically features a range of festive activities and attractions.

The Christmas Market hosts a variety of stalls offering holiday-themed goods, decorations, crafts, and unique gifts. Vendors may sell items perfect for seasonal shopping.

Like many Christmas markets, Kingston’s market likely includes food stalls with seasonal treats and warm beverages like mulled wine, providing families with the opportunity to indulge in festive flavours.

One unique activity Kingston Christmas Market has is a Bavarian Curling lanes with also some live singing and music.

Overall, this Christmas Market in Kingston is a good way to celebrate the end of the year for visitors of all ages.

Dates: 16th November 2023 – 31st December 2023

Address: Market Place, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1JT

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Source: Kingston Christmas Market

10. Christmas at Trafalgar Square

Christmas at Trafalgar Square is a special festive event that takes place in one of London’s most iconic locations.

The focal point of this celebration is the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree, an annual gift from the people of Norway to the people of Britain, symbolising gratitude for British support during World War II.

The Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square is usually a Norwegian spruce and is generously donated by the city of Oslo. The tree is a traditional symbol of Christmas and is lit up with festive lights. The lighting ceremony often marks the beginning of the Christmas season in London.

Trafalgar Square hosts various carol singing events during the Christmas season. Choirs and musical groups, both local and international, gather to perform traditional Christmas carols. These events are often organised to raise funds for charitable causes.

The square is adorned with Christmas decorations and festive lighting, creating a magical atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy the holiday spirit while taking in the iconic surroundings, including Nelson’s Column and the National Gallery.

Dates: now – 2nd January 2024

Address: Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DS

11. Christmas under the Canopy at Kings Cross

The famous covered market will be transformed into the festive season with lots of Christmas lights, stalls and street food traders.

You can expect some artisan gifts, kids toys, Christmas decorations, accessories and so much more.

You might also spot some live music or Carols singing during your visit.

Dates: 23rd November 2023 – 23rd December 2023

Address: West Handyside Canopy, King’s Cross N1C4BH

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Source: Kings Cross

12. Christmas at Leadenhall Market

Leadenhall Market in London is a historic covered market located in the City of London.

During the Christmas season, Leadenhall Market is known for its festive decorations and special events.

Leadenhall Market is beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and festive ornaments, creating a charming and magical atmosphere.

The market usually hosts special Christmas stalls offering a variety of holiday-themed goods, gifts, decorations, and seasonal treats. It’s a great place for visitors to do some Christmas shopping.

Leadenhall Market is home to a variety of restaurants like La Viña or Rainbo.

Dates: 16th November 2023 – 06th January 2024

Address: Gracechurch St, London EC3V 1LT

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Source: Leadenhall Market / Lucy Young

13. Winter by the River

“Winter by the River” is an annual winter festival that takes place along the banks of the River Thames in London.

The festival typically features a variety of seasonal activities, entertainment, and attractions.

It’s hosted at the area around More London Riverside, near City Hall and Tower Bridge.

The Christmas market hosts stalls selling festive treats, handmade crafts, holiday decorations, and unique gifts. It’s an excellent opportunity for visitors to do some Christmas shopping.

Expect a range of food stalls and vendors offering seasonal and international cuisine. From traditional Christmas fare to global flavours, there’s usually something for everyone.

Winter by the River typically organses a lineup of entertainment, including live music, performances, and festive activities for all ages. Carol singers, bands, and other artists contribute to the holiday atmosphere.

Dates: 14th November 2023 – 01st January 2024

Address: London Bridge City, London

Source: Winter by the River


So there you have it: 13 of the best London Christmas markets to enjoy in 2023.

If you are planning on visiting the capital, or you are looking for the perfect excuse to do so, you won’t want to miss the incredible markets that are going on.

Which Christmas market do you most like the sound of?


best Christmas markets to visit with kids in London


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