You’re bound to have noticed that we’re enjoying more and more sunny days, the birds are singing and Easter eggs line the shelves of your local supermarket. There’s no doubt about it, Spring is just around the corner, hurrah! So here at BabyBreaks we have been wondering what activities can you do with your kids to celebrate the arrival of this joyful season.

Check out our list of Kids Spring Activities below for the ultimate Spring-spiration!

1. Grow Your Own

Planting some seeds to watch them grow is a joyful way to celebrate spring. Kids will love getting their hands dirty planting, then watering them each day, and they will be delighted when they start to sprout little green shoots. Seeds are really cheap, you can often pick them up in supermarkets, and you don’t need a garden either – you could grow flowers, herbs, tomatoes or chillies, all in a small pot on your windowsill.

2. Visit a Lambing Farm

Visit a local farm during lambing season where you will get the chance to see the tiny newborns springing about, and often the opportunity to feed them milk from a bottle – very cute! Many farms may also let children handle other baby animals like rabbits, which they will love. There’s often a tasty farm cafe too, for lunch afterwards, so it makes a great day out. You needn’t live in the countryside to make the most of this activity. There are lots of urban city farms around the UK to choose from if you live in a city. Definitely a great idea among our Spring kids activities.

3. Eat Seasonally

Eating seasonally is a great life lesson to teach your children, and fruit and veg always taste so much better this way too. Visit your local farmers market. The kids will love all the colours and hustle and bustle. Buy the best quality you can, then dust off those cookbooks and get creative in the kitchen. Rhubarb is a delicious spring fruit, so why not make an easy rhubarb crumble together?

4. Attend a Spring Event

The National Trust has guided woodland walks, spring flower festivals, and numerous other events at many of its historic sites this spring. Check out their website and enter your postcode for events happening near you.

5. Try Something New

Spring is a great time to start a new hobby or activity – maybe your kids want to try a new after school club. Or simply add a new daily family ritual into your routine. Instead of scurrying home after the school run, take a walk in the park or teach them to ride their new bike that’s been gathering dust in the garage since Christmas.

Your old winter rituals of movie night Saturdays could be replaced by something active and outdoors. Challenge yourself too- try indoor climbing or rollerskating, we bet you will have as much fun as the kids!

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