Are we nearly there yet? The dreaded phrase a parent hears when only 10 minutes into the journey. Well, the market has listened to travelling families’ woes, and responded with a slew of  kids activity travel packs. These bags of fun often include small toys, games, puzzles and colouring to keep little ones engaged. So whether it’s a long drive down to Cornwall, a flight to Corfu or a train ride to Scotland, these kids activity travel packs promise to stave off their boredom and save your sanity. Read on to discover three of our favourites are below.

1. Bags of Travel Fun

Themed around your child’s interests like Magic Tricks, Crafts, Carebears or Dinosaurs. Ages 3-5 or 6-8/9. Starting at £13.99. We think this is a small price to pay for an hour or two of peace. And if there is a specific item your child would like to have in their bag, you can contact the lovely owner Charlie and she will try to accommodate it. The natural cotton bag comes personalised with your child’s initial, so they can even be re-used as a beach bag while on holiday. And just in time for Christmas, you can now get a bag full of stocking fillers, wrapped and ready to go. Simply place it under the tree then watch them unwrap with glee!

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Kids Activity Travel Packs
Source: Bags of Travel Fun

2. Time Flies for Kids

Championing sustainability, this new company run by two mums supplies unique magnetic board games and other activities to keep your kids entertained whilst travelling. The magnetic lid inside the slimline, environmentally friendly box  becomes the base for your 4 enclosed board games – a genius idea which allows kids to play on the move with no lost pieces. The themed boxes (choose from Space or Magical Forest) also contain washable colouring pens, games and books. And because the board games are re-usable, they promise to keep kids entertained on the school run, the drive to Grandma’s, the summer holiday flight and so on…!

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Magical Forest Activity Pack
Source: Time Flies for Kids

3. Keep Em Quiet

An established market leader which receives rave reviews from happy parents, KeepEmQuiet produces child-friendle rucksacks filled with fun toys, games, books, puzzles and healthy snacks to do just that. You can choose from a Short, Medium or Long Trip Bag for a wide range of ages, with prices starting at £13.99. And they’re not just limited to use while travelling either. Parents are increasingly using KeepEmQuiet packs at weddings to keep young guests entertained, or as stocking fillers, party bags or surprise gifts.

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Keep Em Quiet Travel Pack
Source: KeepEmQuiet / Facebook


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