Sometimes we can’t avoid being stuck indoors, but there’s no need to panic about the kids being bored or glued to a screen. There are plenty of ways to keep active at home, for free and with no equipment necessary.  And exercising as a family can be a really fun way to burn off some energy and put a smile on everyone’s face. So read on to discover 10 Fun Home Workouts for Kids.

1. Joe Wicks P.E.

Personal trainer Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach has an army of loyal followers who love his quick, effective home workouts.  As a father to two young children Joe realises the restraints parents may have when it comes to exercising (mainly space and time!)  Which is why over 1.6 million people subscribe to his You Tube Channel, where he uploads loads of simple workouts that both kids and parents can do at home.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, Joe has gone one step further and is live streaming 30 minute P.E. Sessions for kids every morning at 9am. The fact that it’s live and you know others are tuning in gives a real sense of community, plus you’re more likely to commit to exercising at a set time. So you can either leave the kids to it or join in with them and relive your school days.

Did You Know: Joe also loves to travel the world with his family, check out his tips on 10 Celebrities Who Travel with their Kids

2. Gym ball

Gym balls are a great piece of equipment to have at home as they’re so versatile. Toddlers will love climbing onto the ball and bouncing on it, chasing it down the hallway or rolling it to their siblings in a game of catch. Meanwhile older kids and adults can practice planks, push ups and sit ups. And they’re inexpensive too – you can pick one up for under £10.

home workouts for kids
Source: Pexels

3. Kids Yoga

Children are naturally flexible, so they will love making shapes and bending themselves into pretzels by practising kids yoga. It’s definitely one of our favourite home workouts for kids. This is a great activity to do together, as many yoga poses can be done with a partner- using your toddler as a weight is surprisingly challenging! There are lots of Kids Yoga or Parent and Child Yoga classes on You Tube. And if you have a young baby, we love the Mommy and Me Workouts from BodyFit by Amy.

4. Animal Races

Little ones won’t even realise they’re exercising when it’s disguised as Animal Races. And exercise should most certainly be fun! So challenge them to hop like a bunny, squat like a frog, or waddle like a duck, timing each section and keeping score of who wins, if there are siblings involved. And they’ll love it even more if you join in too.

5. Musical Statues

This classic kids party game is a real energy burner, and one which all children love. Dance dance dance until the music stops, then strike a pose… You could make it more varied by changing up the type of dance they have to do each time –  ballet, Irish dancing, disco and so on.

home workouts for kids

6. Obstacle Course

This is one of the home workouts for kids which you might have been avoiding as you think it requires a lot of space or effort. But blogger Mommy Poppins lives in a small New York apartment and she has some great tips for easy set up. Once you’ve created the ultimate indoor obstacle course, she says “pick a challenge for the kids to make their way through it, like balancing a book on their head, bear crawling, or slithering like a snake”.

This indoor obstacle course you tube video also has some good ideas for parents with limited space and time.

Indoor obstacle course

7. Hopscotch

This classic playground game can easily be set up in your garden or indoors. Instead of using the classic chalk on pavement idea, grab some colourful towels or foam play mats you might have in your house.  And to make it more challenging for older kids they can do it with a blindfold on.

home workouts for kids
Source: Eric Tompkins on Unsplash

8. Garden Games

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you could enjoy an old fashioned family sports day, playing classic games like British bulldog, rounders and egg and spoon races.  Even a simple game of tag can be made even more fun by using washable paint to mark your opponents.

Source: Pexels

9. Wii Fit or Similar

Most families have a games console in their house, so make sure you use it to its full advantage by playing a fitness game with your kids. Practise tennis, golf or dance and get those hearts pumping.  If you don’t have a games console, you can pick up a second hand Ninetendo Wii, including the Wii Sports accessories for around £70. A great option to keep active when you’re stuck indoors.

wii fit
Source: Nintendo

10. Toddler Exercise Videos

Another shout out for You Tube’s endless content – you can find lots of great videos like the one below, which encourage toddlers to dance, jump , roll and stretch. And bonus, you may even get some exercise done too! Of course toddlers rarely need any encouragement to be active, but it’s a nice idea to have some structured time during their day, to encourage their attention span and focus their minds.

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