Grocery stores have already started to stock candies buckets for Halloween. This much celebrated day in the USA has become more popular in Europe in the past few years. Whether you are in France or the UK, you know that kids love to dress up for the occasion. So are you ready to knock on the doors of your neighbors and say “Trick or Treat”?

In 2019, Halloween will be celebrated on a Thursday so not so great if your children have school the next morning. For Catholic countries you’re in luck since the next day is a bank holiday with All Saints day.

BabyBreaks have researched what are the top 5 destinations in 2019 to celebrate Halloween in Europe with your family.

1. Dublin, Ireland

You’ve probably thought Halloween came from the United States. Wrong. Halloween was born out of a Pagan festivity held in Ireland called the festival of Samhain which marks the end of the harvesting season.

Dublin is without a doubt the perfect city to celebrate Halloween with the kids. So get your spooky costumes and head to the Halloween Family Frights at The National Wax Museum or visit the Dracula themed festival called Stokerland, a pop-up Victorian fun park for families in one of Dublin’s most beautiful green spaces, St. Patrick’s Park.

2. London, UK

London is the Capital of Europe to celebrate Halloween with so many activities going on during the day and the evening. In different neighbourhoods, you can see houses decorated with spiderweb or carved pumpkins lighted up with candles . Kids have been enjoying that day for many years in London. Check out our selection of accommodations in London.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen knows how to celebrate Halloween by taking over the Tivoli and decorate it with Scandinavian style with over 20,000 pumpkins. The 2019 edition opens its doors on the 11 October so you can even head over earlier than Halloween day. Expect a lot of adults and kids dressed up for the occasion and taste some Scandi food at the several restaurants and food stands.

4. Berlin, Germany

The German capital will host different events during the Halloween weekend starting with the popular Tierpark which is the biggest animal park in Europe with over 160 hectares of land with 9,000 animals. Tierpark will dress up the whole park on the 31st October partnering with the Berlin Dungeon. Book your tickets in advance as it’s getting more popular year after year. You could also enjoy the Europa Park that will present different events during Halloween season such as the Halloween Europe Park Parade.

5. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Edinburgh has a lot of child-friendly activities to offer during Halloween season. For instance you could take your little tribe to the Gory Stories and explore the city Blair Street Underground Vaults (for kids over 5+ only). For toddlers and pre-teens, you can join the Spooky Fiesta at Tot’s Spot Café held on Saturday 27 October in the afternoon. On Sunday, you can pre-book your tickets to participate in the Edinburgh  Children’s  Halloween  Party with a DJ, Party Games, Costume context and more.

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