It was the Italian educator Maria Montessori who noticed that small children are naturally drawn to activities that allow them to put their sense of order to use. We also know too well that all kids also have an inner developmental need to gain independence. So why not put that into practice and use this time at home to let girls learn some easy new hairstyles?

A primary goal of Montessori philosophy to help children do it by themselves. As parents we should encourage our kids to learn by ‘doing’. We can hence incorporate a sense of accomplishment into everyday tasks and activities. They are so much more capable than we realise!

Therefore why not learn to recreate and perfect some fabulous new easy hairstyles? And when schools restart your little angels will be sure to look better than ever. Furthermore, older girls will be able to learn some of these hairstyles all by themselves, essentially saving you precious minutes in your morning routine.

1.French Plait

A French plait (or braid, depending from which side of the Atlantic you originate), was the first fancy style I learnt to do myself as a young girl. Also known as an Oklahoma braid, this three-stranded gathered plait uses sections of hair, which are braided together from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck. Here’s how to style it.

easy hairstyles for girls
Source: @mamma_mia_home /Instagram

2. Top Knot

A male hairstyle for many ancient and modern Asian cultures, a top knot is also an easy hairstyle for girls all over the world. Whether known as Chonmage in Japan, Sangtu in Korea, Touji in China, Sikha by orthodox Hindus, or simply a top knot, this style means business. Here’s how to replicate it.

easy hairstyles for girls
Source: @dlggraves /Instagram

3. Side Plait

The sideways braid can be a very sweet look for any day of the week, especially when it goes over the shoulder. Make it tighter for school and a bit messier for the weekend. Here’s how to create it.

easy hairstyles for girls
Source: @districthairand_beauty /Instagram

4. Dutch Braids

The main difference between Dutch and French plaiting is that you are braiding underneath rather than over. Hence a Dutch braid is sometimes called an “inside-out braid” or “reverse braid”. And the Dutch like it double! So two plaits going down each side of the head. Here’s how to style it.

easy hairstyles for girls
Source: @thentherewere_three / Instagram

5. Milkmaid Braids

This hairstyle conjures images of German milkmaids in dirndls. A very sweet look for a birthday party, special event, the last day of school or perhaps or a prom. Here’s how to reproduce it.

easy hairstyles for girls
Source: @permanentglimpse /Instagram

So there you have it, our top five easy hairstyles for girls. Need some more inspo? Here are 10 more great activities for toddlers.

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