Are you running of ideas with activities to do with your toddlers at home? I am not the most crafty mum, I worry about the cream carpets in our rented house being covered in paint, and I burn most things I try to bake. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your kids! With all of the below, your enthusiasm and involvement is key. Toddlers can play on their own for a few minutes, but they’re much more likely to stick with it if you’re doing it too. So those household chores will have to wait!

1. Magic Paint

Neat freaks rejoice – no mess painting does exist!

Magic paint mat - activities for toddlers at home

2. Baking

Things like fridge cake, healthy energy balls don’t even need cooking. Simply blitz up the ingredients then have your toddler roll them into balls and coat them in desiccated coconut. Fun and yum! If you do want to bake, flapjacks and biscuits are both super easy ad usually turn out edible, in my experience! they will love cutting out the shapes and decorating. We also discovered this fantastic baking delivery box from Little Cooks Co., especially designed for kids.

gingerbread cookies
Source: Pexels

3. Pot Plants

This is a good one if you have a garden or even a small patio. Potted plants like herbs, geraniums and pansies, which are all really easy to care for. This is the activity that keeps on giving, because not only can you fill the time in your day but also you can enjoy every day how your plants are growing. Little ones love making contributions to our gardening skills.

activities for toddlers at home
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4. Educational Apps

Don’t be scared of screen time. But you don’t have to lose your mind watching the 1000th episode of Peppa Pig. there are some fantastic apps to discover. Some of them are:

1. ABC Animal Toddler Adventures: Designed for toddlers, this app uses fun animal-themed activities to practice letters, numbers, shapes and other basics.

2. Petting Zoo (Android Version): This storybook app entertains with its fun and quirky illustrations, without being overstimulating.

3. Peekaboo Barn (Similar for Android): If your child loves lift-the-flap books, this is a good one to try. Toddlers can tap doors to see which animal is hiding behind.

activities for toddlers at home
Source: Pexels

5. Soft Play

You can have your own fun without going near one of those soft play centres. Take all the big cushions off the sofas, set up a blow up mattress, and if you have a bubble machine they will love that too. If you want to invest in something, a mini trampoline or a pop up tunnel works well, and can also be used in the garden on sunny days.

6. Stickers

An oldie but a goodie, by little boy discovered these when he was poorly in hospital. When it comes to stickers for toddlers, the more tactile the better, so look out for furry, shiny and glittery stickers. And of course their favourite cartoon characters. A fun and interactive idea among our activities for toddlers at home for sure.

Source: @aline_selli / Instagram

7. Dance Off

Little kids love music, and encouraging them to bust out their best dace moves will urn off some of that boundless energy – and we guarantee you’ll have a smile on your face too. Plus expanding their musical knowledge beyond Baby Shark can only be a good thing, right? If you have an Alexa, its really easy, but if not don’t worry , just set your phone to play music on random and get moving.

8. Teddy Bears Picnic

Play tea set, or just plastic cups and plates you use for your toddler. pretend or real food. Set up a blanket or old towel, pack a proper picnic hamper (use any kind of basket if you don’t have one). It’s all about make believe – your enthusiasm will be infectious. You could even go so far as making paper flowers, leaves and butterflies for the full effect!

teddy bear's picnic - activities for toddlers at home
Source: Pexels

9. Hide and Seek

Depends on the age of  your child but this is a great way to occupy them. Ask them to find 5 yellow things around the house. Then ask them to find 5 blue things… and so on. If they’re still too young to know their colours, you can play hide and seek instead (just make it fairly obvious where you’ve hidden stuff!)

Source: Pexels

10. Play Outside!

In your garden, or walk to the nearest pond, woods or park and see what you can find. Walks with toddlers take AGES, because every stick they pass they pick it up, their eyes light up at the sight of a daisy, and my goodness if they see some animals – their day is complete!

Boy Playing with Leaves - activities for toddlers at home
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So there you are, 10 Activities to do with your toddlers at home. If you have other great ideas, please feel free to share them with us.

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