In these extraordinary times, the ordinary can seem a long way off. And household spirits can dip to an all-time low. Therefore, it is more important than ever to boost kids’ morale at home.

Little minds will no doubt find it difficult to understand why they can’t see grandparents, relatives and friends. So keeping them occupied is key to keeping boredom, or even worse depression at bay.

Why not introduce a daily dance off or nightly kitchen mini disco? We love The Happy Self Journal for developing positive mental habits. And having regular tête-à-têtes with your kids will ensure you keep the door open to their precious mental health. Let them know they know they can talk to you about anything. A problem shared is after all, a problem halved.

Here are five cool ideas on how to boost kids’ morale when at home in lock down…

1. Exercise

We all know that when we exercise, the body releases amazing chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that trigger a positive, happy feeling. So moving your body is the easiest way for kids to feel calmer, more relaxed and less stressed. So always get the kids to join you on that daily walk. And here are 10 fun home workouts for kids we came up with earlier.

Boost Kids’ Morale at Home
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2. Board Games

Families should aim to play at least one easy board or card game on a daily basis, to boost kids’ morale at home.  Having a break to concentrate on something other than the home-schooling will help kids come back to their desks, fresher and happier. Kids still love the classics, such as Hungry Hippos, Snakes and Ladders and Cluedo. Or for those who like something a litte more tongue in cheek, try the excellent recently-released board game Pandemic – we kid you not…

Boost Kids’ Morale at Home
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3. Simple Chores

Age-appropriate household chores might not seem a way to boost morale. But work as a team. Having a weekly family ‘cleaning hour’ perhaps, to help children learn great life skills and give them good job satisfaction, when they see their sparkling results. Here are is how to teach household chores to children.

Boost Kids’ Morale at Home
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4. Get Closure to Nature

Now is also a super time to introduce kids to more of the outside world. Get them out in the garden, to find ladybirds in the leaves or spot birds in the bushes. Talk to kids about the wider natural world, which of course is living on and knows nothing about our self-isolation. Spotting a fox, frog, deer, or even something smaller, such as a beetle or snail easily brings kids a pure and simple happiness. Wish we could bottle it.

how to Boost Kids’ Morale at Home
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5. Mini Home Spas

To boost mood and morale of good girls (and boys if they want to join in!), who have been sticking to the home schooling, we think a lovely treat is to create a mini home spa. Use washing up bowls for foot soaks, make homemade face packs and perhaps even set up a mini massage station.  Little ones will feel refreshed and ready for action.

Boost Kids’ Morale at Home
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So here you have it. Five ways to boost kids’ morale at home.

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