Going to your local playground with the kids always provides them with a lot of fun. But in London, there are playgrounds, and then there are playgrounds. Some of the places that you can take your children to have a fun day out are truly extraordinary, and many are free. 

Check out the following five best playgrounds to discover in London. 

1. Battersea Park Playground

Battersea Park playground in Wandsworth has some of the most exciting play facilities in all of London. The part features the usual variety of slides and swings, but also comes with a complement of high walkways too, where children walk along high above the park while wearing harnesses. 

The great thing about the facility is that it’s set up to allow parents to monitor their children easily. Parents can see precisely what their kids are up to from the main seating area in the middle. 

Address: Battersea, London SW11 4NJ

Source: Evening Standard

2. Queen’s Park Gardens

Queen’s Park Gardens in Westminster isn’t enormous, but it does manage to pack a lot of fun into a tiny space. The park is great in the summer, thanks to the open water and sandy play areas. 

The park is also super close to a wildlife area where you can see different types of birds, bats, and butterflies. There’s a viewing area for both children and adults. 

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Source: Westminster Gov

3. Diana, Princess Of Wales Memorial Playground

If you’re planning a trip to Kensington Gardens with the kids, then make sure that you stop by the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground. The playground, constructed in memory of Princess Diana, features a gigantic pirate ship where kids can play at being pirates on the high seas, as well as a tepee camp for cowboys and Indians. 

Be warned, though, the park can get busy at peak times. If you go to it on a Saturday or Sunday during the summer holidays, expect to wait a little while to be let in. 

The council refurbished the park in 2014, and it now includes a jungle area where kids can get up close and personal with nature. 

Address: Broad Walk, London W2 4RU

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Source: Royal Parks

4. Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill is an area of Hampstead Heath, near Kentish Town, which provides splendid views over central London.

This district offers a state-of-the-art adventure playground that will keep your children entertained for hours. What’s interesting about the adventure playground is that it is not 100 percent concerned with safety. The idea is to provide kids with a genuine challenge that will keep them engaged and wanting to adventure more. 

Address: Nassington Rd, Highgate, London NW3 2TX

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5. Clissold Park

Clissold Park, located in Hackney, offers many exciting amenities. Top of the list is the professional-grade trampolines, allowing kids to jump high in the air. The park is also home to a paddling pool and sandpit which, again, will keep your kids entertained for hours. 

The main focus of the park, though, are the animals. The animal enclosure is home to both goats and deer and plenty of opportunities to spot rare birds with binoculars. There’s also an organic market at the park that is run by a local community group where kids can learn about fresh produce. 

Address: Green Lanes, Stoke Newington, London N16 9HJ

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

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