Spotting street art in Europe is a fantastic way to introduce your children to different forms of art. You can also discover new neighbourhoods and an insider’s perspective on the social history of the area. From political statements to beautiful murals, Europe’s street art is varied and plentiful, if you know where to look. Many tour companies now offer guided walking tours to admire the most memorable statement pieces. This outdoor activity can be a fun  for the whole family, seeing parts of the city you may not read about in the guide books. Read our list below of the top five cities in Europe where colourful art adorns the pavements, doors and alleyways.

1. Paris

Far from discouraging graffiti, Paris’ City Hall embraces its vibrant street art scene,  recently dedicating millions of euros to creating “murs d’expression” around its 20 arrondissements. You’ll find most of the city’s street art in it’s outer suburbs, namely the 13th, 18th, 19th and 20th arrondissements. It even includes a 500 metre stretch which honours the life and works of Rosa Parks.

Butte Aux Cailles Street Art
Source: BabyBreaks

2. London

Street art has been a part the capital for decades, brightening up commuters’ walk to work with statement pieces form heroes like Banksy. Shoreditch and the East End are two of the most popular places to spot it. So head to hipster hotspots like Hackney, Shoreditch or Brick Lane, where you can also introduce the kids to the city’s thriving, independent and multicultural atmosphere. If you want tips on family friendly restaurants in London search our London pages for  inspiration. We also have great family hotels & apartments we have carefully chosen for you.

Source: Pixabay

3. Berlin

Berlin has always been famed as a creative hub, a reputation which was rightly validated when UNESCO named it a “City of Design” in 2006. Berlin’s street art is a hugely important part of its chequered history, and the city is now a magnet for international artists wishing to make their mark, alongside local activists, political commentators and artists. Highlights include a historic stretch of the Berlin Wall that is now ‘The East Side Gallery’, the Urban Spree area and Dircksenstrasse in Mitte.

Street Art in Berlin
Source: Shanti Hesse /

4. Prague

Head to Prague’s peaceful Kampa Island (nicknamed the Venice of Prague) to admire one of the city’s must see sights – the John Lennon Wall. The wall of artwork started out as a focus for Prague youth in the 1980’s. Youngsters adorned it with murals and lyrics from Beatle’s songs, in opposition to the communist regime. In addition, the artwork on the wall is constantly changing, but continues to be an icon of peace, love and freedom. A great history lesson overall for the kids, and a chance to get some good photos too! Plus, there’s are great activities to do with kids nearby too.

john-lennon-wall Prrague
Source: Pixabay

5. Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a reputation as a party city, but it’s actually a fantastic place for kids, with loads of green space, family friendly restaurants & cafés and world class museums. The city’s Street Art culture is among the best in Europe and also thriving if you know where to look – the Spuistraat is almost completely covered with graffiti. You should also check out the Wijdesteeg and NDSM – a  former industrial shipyard that is now a cultural hotspot.

Amsterdam Graffiti Wall
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